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Mmorpg dungeon in Darkfall

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by IsilithTehroth, Jul 29, 2017.


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  1. IsilithTehroth

    IsilithTehroth Gravelord

    Sep 9, 2015
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    There should be 2 dungeons one instanced and one ffa open world. Each will have unique items only available there that give incentives depending on which one for clan activity, pvp, gold, and bragging rights. The cosmetics should be a universal asthetic that is cool enough to warrant farming.
    The instanced dungeon
    The instance dungeon will have much lowered/no xp gain rates so people can't grind in there non stop and skill up uncontested.
    2) The instanced dungeon will have unique weapon, armor recipes and house/player city unique placeables of (Tier 1) quality but the drop rate will be very low compared to the other dungeon.
    3) Drop rates will be .5% for non bosses, 1% for bosses and 2% for boss. If there are 100 normal mobs, 5 bosses and 1 final boss that would be 12% chance to drop.
    4) The dungeon can be done only once per day with a 24 hour cooldown. Mobs will not respawn once killed.
    5) If a group is killed or leave the dungeon they will not be able to re-enter the dungeon until the timer is done and forfeit their loot and graves.
    6) Mobs will only drop the unique recipes and house/city placeables.

    The non instanced dungeon
    1) Will have normal xp in a ffa lawless enviroment.
    2) Will have a higher percentage chance to drop unqiue weapon, armor cosmetic recipes of (Tier 1) and house/player city unique placeables compared to the other dungeons
    3) Drop rates for (Tier 1) will be 1% for non bosses, 3% for bosses and 7% for the final boss. 122% if totally completed. Normal loot will be adjusted per mob toughness.
    4) Also this dungeon will have a much rarer .001 chance to drop cosmetic(s) house/city placeable,mount,armor sets, or weapon recipe skin of (Tier 2) that is only avaible from the final boss drop.
    5) Mobs can drop normal items from outside the dungeon as well. IE: Essence, runestones, gold, ect.
    6) Mobs re-spawn every 8 hours and a message comes across the screen for everyone when it is reset.
    7) Until the dungeon is reset only the non boss mobs will be available and will not drop the unique items.

    Placeables/cosmetic skins recipes and dungeon detail

    1) The Tier 1 house/city placeables will be a single use item similar to housing and able to be picked up by the owner and replaced.
    2) The Tier 1 cosmetic recipes will be 10 uses only and can be used in conjunction with a crafting station when crafting weapons, and armor pieces. cosmetic only.
    3) The Tier 2 recipes(.001 chance) will be permanent uses added to your available crafting recipes with the blueprint and can be used in conjunction with a crafting station/tools when crafting weapons, mount and armor. This is a blueprint that must be in your inventory when used.
    4) The Tier 1 armor drops will be by piece not set.
    5) The Tier 2 armor drops will be by full sets.
    6) Each mob in the both dungeons has a chance to drop Tier 1 recipes, while the bosses and final boss have a higher drop rates per dungeon type.
    7) Only the final boss in the non instanced dungeon has a chance to drop Tier 2 recipes.
    8) These items are only cosmetic to reiterate.
    9) Both dungeons will be the same in terms of layout and monsters. Should be in the centre of the map.
    10) Drop rate chance is just examples and subject to balance changes.
    11) Weapons that have been cosmetically altered will show their rank and enchantments in the system log when hit. IE: You've Been damaged by Isilith Tehroth for 50 slashing damage(Rank 50, q1 keen, q1 manslayer).
    12) The non bosses will be a hard level mob of difficulty, the bosses will be choppa level of difficulty and the final boss will be the strongest in game(demi-god that was suppose to be added).
    13) The unique cosmetic item is a blueprint that must be in your inventory when crafting that specific piece/set.
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  2. kilrath81

    kilrath81 Black Knight
    Lifetime Legend

    Aug 25, 2016
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    The could do not really instances buy raid type dungeons that lock when a group is inside. Then have the mobs not respawn. PvP can happen when players enter or leave. Make it a no recall area. So you have to leave with loot and possibly get jumped. This way dungeon runs can happen without getting jumped on a hard spot. They can't he farmed constantly cause the mobs don't respawn and put an exit at start and end so if ppl can't do it they can leave into a possible ambush. Make a timer for how long you are allowed in max and kick everyone out after that timer. When all players leave the mobs spawn again. Logging out kicks you out as if you left normally. @Korag and I were talking about this the other night and where it takes jumping people away and makes dungeons somewhat safe there is still the chance to be jumped entering or exiting the dungeon.
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  3. rikilii

    rikilii Celestial

    Apr 30, 2017
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    I'll go out on a limb and say that instanced anything is off the table in DF. Kilrath's idea is pretty good, but it would have to be a pretty short timer. I would actually make it a little more hardcore than that -- if you don't kill everything in the dungeon within 20 minutes, a whole shitload of really badass mobs spawn and eat you for breakfast.

    Maybe instead of making it "instanced", just lock the people in until they complete some task. Do or die. Provide two exits, and some indicator from the outside that the dungeon is occupied.
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  4. Darkerso

    Darkerso Goblin Scout

    May 8, 2017
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    ok here is the thing this is DF DARK FALL no a stupid mmorpg game were u click the arrow and take u anywere u want this is a survival and do not try to put u stupid childish ideas in a hardcore game like this one go with u WOW online looking ass elsewere.
  5. Wes Furtive

    Wes Furtive Obsidian Golem

    Oct 25, 2015
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    chill bro.

    this idea has room for some immersive and fun stuff, especially if you can interact with items and objects throughout a dungeon to progress. I would love to swing my weapon through some cobwebs in a corner to find a gear or lever, which when I hit "F" it turned or moved and a hidden door slid open (reset after 30 minutes)
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