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Month-Old Player Type Questions

Discussion in 'New Player Tips & Tricks' started by gakkk, Oct 3, 2019.

  1. gakkk

    gakkk New Member

    Aug 13, 2019
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    So I've been playing Rise of Agon for about a month now (I played Unholy Wars for a bit a while back for about a month or two as well) and I have some questions;

    - Can Freemium accounts create ships ? I don't want to waste 15,000g on it to buy the skill ...

    - Does the "destroyer" skill/subclass grant the 7.0 magic protections from the skill/subclass that costs $1000 less ? And does it only do more damage to monsters that have a staff equipped ? (some just use their bare hands for magic dmg)

    - A rank 40 staff only does 1 dmg less than a rank 60 staff with "intensified magic" ? Is that because of my encumberance ? But yes I just use "fine arrows" and a r40 bow instead considering :)

    - My character is in tier 4 full plate with rank 40 - 60 weapons... Is there an easier way to earn decent gold other than soloing dungeons daily ?

    - Are there any cities/towns with marketplace access that is not some race's "capital" ? I find more chaos chests and selentine nodes when nobody is around :)

    - My characters base stats don't go above 100 by killing monsters ? Seems potions are the only way after 100...

    - My enchanting is at zero so I plan to level that next - it's not hard to level up is it ?

    - Are any clans recruiting ? I tried applying to some in game but they never accepted.

    Alsoo I'm a girl so it feels weird when people call me 'bud' :)
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  2. Sero

    Sero Gnoll Vilegaunt
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    Apr 8, 2016
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    Hey bud,

    Freemium accounts can create ships I believe.

    The destroyer subclass only gives you 40% extra damage against anything wielding a staff (this includes monsters, but the staff must be equpped)

    Dont pay attention to rank. The way staves work is weird, typically people use Blackbolts/cobrastaffs for speed since the damage bonus is neglible.

    There is numerous ways to acquire wealth in this game, doing dungeon dailies isn't even one of them. Look at the market, look at what things are worth, look at what drops them, test and see how efficiently you can kill them.

    Yes some chaos cities have marketplace access. Every chaos city on The subcontients(except for janhalek) and Hintenfau in center map have markets. (We all honestly wish every chaos city had 1)

    Your base should level to 110 via killing monsters, it just gets super slow past 100, it could also be a F2P thing that they dont rise naturally. Potions are faster anyways.

    Enchanting is somewhat hard to level, it is a large money sink, it shouldnt be "difficult" although the enchanting menun is notoriously cancer.

    I'm sure blackwater is recruiting since they're like the only active clan that plays.
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