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My 2 week experience and critiques for the world of Rise of Agon

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SirJames, Jun 15, 2020.

  1. SirJames

    SirJames Goblin Warrior

    Jun 6, 2020
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    Hello everyone.

    I started playing on 6/5. I like this game. I haven't stopped playing since I started. However, there are some things that I would really like to see in the world of Rise of Agon.

    1. Chat bubbles.

    When I first logged into the world of Rise of Agon I was, to say the least, overwhelmed. I received a very basic introduction to the controls and then I had questions. So I went to public chat. No answer. So I went to new player chat. No answer (for about 5 minutes). So I went to Agon chat. No answer. I said ok, I get it, it's a small game. I go to the center of the city of Sanguine.... FOURTY PLAYERS. I COUNTED THEM. FOURTY PLAYERS WERE STANDING AT THE GOD DAMN BANK, AND NONE OF THEM HAD A CLUE I WAS CHATTING WITH THEM. A chat bubble could change that, or at the very least assure me that my messages are seen.

    I have discussed this issue with a few players and the concensus was "yes, but it would need to be toggle-able". Their concern was that they would be sneaking up on someone or playing stealthily in general, and someone would be able to see their text. I agree, this is a valid concern, however I have two points to counter this argument.

    A. I have not seen anyone play stealthily in this game, what so ever. The PvP experience is mostly very large sieges or group battles. I have not once encountered a player in the environment who was wanting to kill me. But, this is not a fair enough answer. Just because this may be the case, it does not mean stealthy play should not be an option. Therefore, I suggest:

    B. Make chat bubbles only appear if you are blue. You don't need to toggle anything. You don't have to worry about new players not being heard. And there is no tediousness. You can't see chat bubbles in gray areas. Period. Now you're sneaky, now your messages are heard. I think this is a great solution, and would add to the community of the game. This game lacks in-game community. I believe this is a huge issue for the starting out experience.

    2. Daily Dungeon Lists/Tasks and Timers

    I absolutely LOVE the PvE element of this game. Imagine actually having to aim your attacks instead of standing still and spamming numbers. Fantastic. However, this I don't enjoy, and I suppose I could complain about the GUI on the whole, but I will stick to specific issues for argument's sake.

    Daily Dungeons are hard to keep track of. If there were an option for me to keep track of my daily DUNGEONS similar to my daily TASKS, that would be fantastic.

    Onto tasks:
    Tasks tasks tasks... oh boy how I love tasks. Great rewards... however... there are so many! The organization is atrocious as well. I'd love categories such as monster difficulty, harvesting tasks, pvp and pve category, etc. Simple categorization would be very welcome.

    3. Player states and their explanations

    Ok so... it took two players explaining to me why I couldn't open my crafting menu. Apparently if you're in combat it doesn't appear. I have a habit of attacking things in the cities. I thought the crafting system was broken or I was bugged, because nothing told me that if I had the "in-combat" status up top near the buffs, that I could not open the crafting menu. This about had me quitting. Because I had no clue what was going on, and neither did other players, even though they had to have known but I could not explain it.

    I believe this game has far too many unexplained nuances. I'll list a few.

    1. How to join a party and create one, not explained (hold f, or /partyinvite)
    2. Alternate use to open clan vault on the bank (hold G)
    3. In-combat status turns things off
    4. Gray status, Blue status, Red status, and what they mean.
    5. Creation of seperate chat windows by dragging tabs
    6. How to get a mount and how to heal it
    7. Encumbrance and why it matters
    8. How experience is gained by hits, not by kills

    For every question a new player has about its base game that isn't answered by the game, they take one step towards the door. More explanation is needed. A more expansive tutorial is required.

    4. Weapon and armor ranks, their importance, and what a new player should focus on

    So, from what I can tell, nothing you craft matters except r50+, bone+, and full plate+. I wasted quite a few materials on gear that was simply thrown in the trash. If there were a way to recycle this gear for more experience gains or perhaps a few of my materials back, if not all (since the gear won't be used because it's useless) it would be great. I noticed there was a recycling option in the paperdoll and I was excited, only to find out it's only for the dyes a player can create. Why is this? Why can't I recycle gear and tools for more resources? Why must I waste my materials training my crafting only to throw it away. Do you really want a material sink which is based solely on new players entering the game and wasting materials? Why put the burden on new players... shouldn't this be on older players? I believe this is a fair complaint and should be easily addressed considering the Recycle option is already in place.

    5. News, developer interaction, events.

    Let me preface this by saying: Wow. What a great game you guys have here. You have something special here. I don't know how you created this game and haven't marketed it, but it's certainly worth marketing.

    Ok, so, the news posts are far too infrequent. The Events are negligible. Do you not have GM's? This is a GM's job is it not? To create events for the players? Perhaps the tools are not in-game... but I don't see many events. Although, I do notice there are many timers and cool events in-game... perhaps I'm spoiled. I know I am. I recognize you are not AAA developers and I can't expect too much of you with so few employed. However, if you want to create a lasting relationship with me and have me connected to your game in a way that I'll never want to leave and I will support you with money, I will require this. So far I'm just happy with the free to play option. But the infrequent updates and interaction, I will not pay to support this. This leads into my next complaint, and where many of you guys will maybe become upset with me if my last sentence hadn't already:

    6. Premium, and its lack of benefits.

    Premium should give me a reason to sign up and pay 10/15/20 $ a month. Here are the features, and I will break down why I will not pay money for it.

    a. Regular Harvesting returns more resources:
    I will pay for this. This is one of two features I am impressed with. I would be willing to support the development of a game if I were given more than someone who will not.
    b. Clan rank is not restricted.
    As a new player, this is not something I would ever even think to care about. Also, ranks do not have a function, correct? Not a reason to subscribe.
    c. Cannot create a clan.
    I do believe new players should be able to create a clan. This seems very odd to me. Seems more like a hook to force older players to subscribe. You shouldn't force a player to subscribe. This is less an incentive and more of a.. coersion.
    d. House ownership
    I'm new, haven't thought about it nor will I for many more months. In-fact, I had no clue housing was an option until it was explained to me. I have no idea if housing is an extremely important part of the game, but from what I can tell it hasn't affected me or anyone I know in the slightest. Not a reason to subscribe.
    e. Personal bank limited to 2000 items.
    I'm not sure why, as a player who pays for this game, I should have any limit to the amount of items I can have in my bank. 2000 items? This should be far higher.
    Perhaps your code does not support it or servers. Not a reason to subscribe, but actually highlights some issues and has me questioning some things.
    f. Market buy/sell orders are unlimited
    This seems fair. But not a reason to subscribe. 20 is far more than enough, especially if the game was full of players buying and selling constantly. It sortof is, but isn't.
    g. Backpack carrying capacity limited to 400kg
    50kg difference doesn't break the deal for me. No reason to subscribe.
    h. Meditation points are limited to 500k.
    It takes a week to use 50k points. Here's a suggestion: Meditation now trains skills 5x faster, and uses that many meditation points accordingly. THAT'S an incentive for new players, or even older players who wish to train something they haven't thought of before.
    i. Quest and Task kill credits are shared with a party
    This is normally a given for MMORPG's. However, with the nature of the game I can see why it is in. You could easily make a small fortune by having 5 free to play accounts all connected in one party in a daily dungeon, and just kill with your main account. So, I see this as fair. In-fact, it's needed. Well done.

    7. Keybinds, a visual represntation and presets.

    I forgot to mention keybinds as the bane of my existence in Rise of Agon. There was no visual representation for the keys. I had to memorize everything. Luckily, I found a forum thread which provided a representation and a nice layout for keybinds. But I believe a change is needed here.

    Thank-you for reading. I will continue to enjoy the world of Rise of Agon, and hope to meet many of you in-game. If you disagree with anything I've said, please reach out and explain your reasoning.

    -If you are curious, the clan HORDE accepted me with open arms and have given me MANY laughs and a great group of players to play with. Everything from daily clan events, to crafting, to gearing me up, answering questions, etc. They also didn't pester me into doing everything with them, which is a nice change... I hate that. If there are any new players out there looking for a great clan to play with, look them up!-

    Also, if you could think of one word to describe Rise of Agon, what would it be? For me: Foreign.
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  2. Frog

    Frog Black Knight
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    Apr 4, 2016
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    Great feedback ty for sharing. Would also recommend you join the RoA discord (https://discord.gg/riseofagon) as the devs are usually active in the chat during the day. Sometimes GM Ibis streams edits to the world, his stream was up a second ago and you can check it out here: https:/ /www.twitch.tv/konggal
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  3. Landon Dorf

    Landon Dorf Deadeye

    Jan 31, 2016
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    This is awesome to see and i agree with a ton of your points, hope you keep enjoying the game and if u need anything or have any questions my ign is Landon Dorf, ive ran into u before at the sele golem on my alt iheart mypixels if u remember. We need to hear from the new players cause the game isnt for the super vets and if it wants any chance to survive for a prolonged time we are gonna need more new players.
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  4. WithoutShame

    WithoutShame Celestial

    Apr 16, 2016
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    Great feedback, very detailed. Some comments:

    1. Chat bubbles would take a lot of programming to get into the game, and would probably introduce bugs as well. They wouldn't solve the problem you highlighted either: people didn't answer your questions because they didn't see your questions, they just didn't care to answer. Chat bubbles wouldn't make people care.

    2. Great ideas.

    3. This is all necessary information that should be in a tutorial when players first start the game. They had something like it in DFUW. Some kind of tutorial players had to do at the start of the game, possibly giving the players books with detailed information they can reference later would be great too.

    4. They mentioned in the patch notes probably a year ago that recycle would be added to all types of crafting. It's in progress.

    5. BPG goes through cycles of being hyper interactive and promising lots of activity, and then quickly breaking any promises of activities and going silent for long periods of time. They had a guy running GM events for a while, but he quickly stopped because of people cheating and being toxic.

    6. Premium can definitely be reworked. Would be a great thing to have community discuss with BPG to iron out what should and should not be in it. It's current state is pretty dumb.

    7. Keybinds ties into point #3. This is something that should be covered during the Tutorial. Something like a visual layout during the tutorial of common keybind setups, and then new players can choose the one they would like the most would be awesome too.
  5. Not_Primetime

    Not_Primetime Infernal
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    May 21, 2016
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    Game was made for masochist.
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  6. Volfen

    Volfen Chosen of Khamset
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    May 6, 2016
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    Great feedback! It's always invaluable when actual new players provide feedback on the new player experience.

    This isn't necessarily true. Countless times I've missed out on new player as well as public chat and saw it like an hour later, because neither stand out and both blink when there's nothing relevant to see (IE when respawning for public, or when you login for new player) so I've become used to seeing them blink. Maybe if you could opt in to have a ping sound like whispers for either channel it'd help if I'm not the only one.
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  7. KoKane

    KoKane Chosen of Khamset
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    Oct 17, 2015
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    With the direction the player Bank is headed with consumables tab atm and surely Enchanting materials tab in the future...
    What about one more space along the top where we can open the clan banks by clicking a button, (which closes our personal bank in the background)
    It'd be a lot more intuitive and and a nice QOL touch to how we use our banks

    Alternative Use key is important for many other things though and wont be going anywhere, so there's no harm in getting to know it.
    But I guess more could be done to introduce the concept.
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  8. Cool hwip

    Cool hwip Deadeye

    Mar 23, 2016
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    Couple of things I noticed since coming back and starting a new character for the hell of it.

    Map needs improvement.
    • Obviously add Lawful/Lawless zones.
    • Portal network is so hard to see. Quick fix is to let me get rid of villages on map so there are not words all over the map I don't want there. Also nobody needs the destination of the portal written on map. It just makes things harder to see. In a perfect world you do it like the old Geckzilla map where it shows lines from portal to portal. Like my post in this thread. https://forums.riseofagon.com/threads/standalone-geckzilla-map-link.20642/
    Why don't quests show up on UI like the tasks do? The journal system is such a hassle. I would also have tasks auto pop up on the UI once they get started. There have been many times I have completed a task I never even knew I was doing.

    Either a hotkey or at least add an option for me to be able to lock my loot bag open. Having to pull up my paperdoll and double click my lootbag every time is kind of annoying.
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  9. lawlonslawt

    lawlonslawt New Member

    Apr 30, 2020
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    Great post, James. Glad to have you in the clan.
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