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New Nexus Entr/Exit types - updating current one

Discussion in 'Game Design Discussion' started by KoKane, May 13, 2020.

  1. KoKane

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    Oct 17, 2015
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    Update all Nexus' to emanate a small, close-range noise.

    Changes to current Nexus Entrance / Exit (green / red)
    - Now act as personal portal system
    - No cooldown on use
    - Still has 10 uses
    - Crafting cost reduced by half or so
    - Name changed to Personal Nexus Entrance/Exit
    - Remains in the world until destroyed or server restart

    Basic Temporary Squad Nexus (new colouring)
    - Slightly larger graphic than personal
    - Slightly louder
    - Slightly more expensive to craft / different ingredients
    - No cooldown timer
    - 15 Charges
    - Remains in the world for 30 mins
    Permanent version should be available under mastery crafting and cost more - remains until dead/maintenance

    Advanced Temporary Squad Nexus
    - Slightly larger again, though very similar
    - Louder again
    - Obviously a tad more expensive
    - No cooldown timer
    - 30 charges
    - Remains in the world for 1 hour
    Permanent version should be available under mastery crafting and cost more - remains until dead/maintenance

    Basic Stealth Nexus
    - Emits almost no audio, has minimal visual impact.
    - Less HP
    - 20 second cooldown before next use
    - 15 charges
    - Lasts 45 minutes in the world

    Advanced Stealth Nexus
    - Emits NO noise, almost invisible / easy to glance over / looks like terrain?
    - Bit more than basic stealth hp
    - More difficult to craft
    - No cooldown
    - Infinite Charges
    - Lasts 1 hour and 30 mins in the world

    Reinforcements Nexus
    - Quite visible/audible
    - A little tanky
    - 100 uses
    - No cooldown
    - Lasts all day until server restart or destroyed

    Blinking Nexus
    - Quite visible / Audible
    - Moderate HP
    - Infinite Uses
    - Goes on Cooldown after every 5th use
    - This is a two-way portal
    - The 'exit' must be placed withing 600 metres of the 'Entrance'

    - Lasts 2 Hours

    Strike Platform
    Ok this item is something new..
    You place this platform and jump on it with your buddies or whatever.
    It has an Alt Use Key function that when you hit it - it activates and brings up a limited-by-distance world map.
    You select on the map where you want to portal to and thats it.
    In the next 5 or so seconds after the destination has been selected, the platform powers up..
    Once the players go on loading screen, the platform is consumed/destroyed/vanishes

    But... meanwhile at the destination point, from the moment it has been selected on the map, a big visual and audible indicator/effect takes place to show that players are arriving. Something like an Opaque Wall of Force, with some lightning effects and coloured accordingly?

    - Maximum Range 3 KM (The map when choosing destination should only show as far as the limit, non zoomable or movable map - just requires a click)
    - Cannot arrive in ANY city limits
    - Resembles a Village Capture control point circle thing.
    - Loud, requires sufficient flat surface to place.
    - Decent HP
    - Not too cheap to craft
    - Players lose 15% of all current HP, Stam and Mana values on teleport.
    - Remains in the world until used / server restart / destroyed

    Invasion Platform
    - The size of a Portal Chamber Exit
    - Looks like one too basically, so requires large flat area to place.
    - 30 Seconds load time after destination selected (This means 30 seconds warning for possible targets on the other end to prepare)
    - Even greater visual and audio effect at destination
    - CAN arrive in player cities
    - 10 KM distance!
    - Expensive to craft
    - Lasts forever until restart etc
    - 45% stat pool loss on portal

    If possible, force client screen shake on arrival, for a second or two. Nothing Volcano like..

    Chaos Teleporter
    - 1 Use
    - Sends you to a random Rune Glyph?

    I dunno about those last 3, just trying to be creative for something new but using existing assets, as always.

    New changes to all nexus systems:
    - Can now only be damaged by Impact Damage

    New item/skill
    - Something that lets you reverse the polarity - entrance/exit direction of a player portal you find, through some work/effort/cost?
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