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New Upgrades

Discussion in 'Project Suggestions' started by Borracha (Glandurim), Apr 10, 2020.

  1. Borracha (Glandurim)

    Mar 19, 2016
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    Hello, Im Borracha and again we are here to be ignored by devs, but always with the intention of making this game better.

    I come to talk about " Indestructible " , "Mage Hunter" Upgrade and a new " Knight "

    Indestructible -

    It is known that this upgrade has been used by a total of 0 people in the game since Rise Of Agon was released, and I am amazed that it has never been adjusted.


    (1) when you are looking at melee combat against destroyer or mage you have no defensive advantage linked to the upagrade.

    (2) During combat, the equipment used to recover life is the staff, this makes the upgrade lose its meaning at certain moments during the fight, unlike the destroyer that is related to damage in this case making sense to be linked to the weapon.

    ( It doesn’t make sense for me to have the two-handed weapon withstanding blows, it’s better that I use the shield, it tests the shape of the indestructible loses its function because the shield resists a lot of damage, being a magician, destroyer or indestructible )

    Suggestion: Taking into account that characters that seek resistance should logically use metal armor, it would make sense that the indestructible would be triggered at the moment when a character was completely dressed in metal armor (being able to mix any one with as much metal as it is.

    In addition to the existing protections, add 3 or 4 points to all physical protections.
    Maintain + 10 health.

    Knight upgrade -

    (1) one more slot for mounting

    (2) 25% increase in mount life ( I think it’s not much if you consider that without a mount the rider will lose all his advantage )

    (3) Increased damage from one-handed weapons on top of a mount is valid only for the knight upgrade.

    Additional -

    This idea does not need to be taken into account if you don't like it, but I believe that it would make the knight's role more meaningful and make it as great as the others in battles.

    (1) An update where a 15% chance of falling from the mount would be added when hit, either on the character's body or the mount's body.
    The knight would have an ability that would nullify that possibility.

    Mage Hunter -

    I'll be brief here, we all know that mana shield can be more efficient than mange hunter to resist magic damage, which is clearly unbalanced knowing that the function of one is focused on resisting magic and the other resisted all damage.

    Decrease the resisted damage of mana shield or increase the magical protections of mage hunter until it becomes a better option than mana shield to resist magic damage.

    Note: Mage hunter's protections cannot be added to Indestructible's protections! (the highest value will prevail)

    Thanks for listening.
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    #1 Borracha (Glandurim), Apr 10, 2020
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  2. soulpcbr

    soulpcbr Infernal

    Apr 9, 2016
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    Nice Borracha, lets make the best game better.
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  3. zander

    zander Chosen of Khamset

    Oct 25, 2015
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    Not bad. But if you increase protections you need to reduce damage. Melee is already so dominant for damage without destroyer. Imagine a dragon set + indestructible protections. You already got hit for under 20 damage with direct hits, now you'll be 10-15 damage but still dealing 40 damage melee/ 20-30 damage archery?

    Only way this can be balanced is reducing their damage alongside increasing their protections.

    But priority should not be combat changes. BPG needs to focus on things which generate more PVP interaction in the world beyond VCPs.
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