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NPC Outskirt City Territory Control TCS P1

Discussion in 'Game Design Discussion' started by Donaddor Lightbringer, 3 February 2020.

  1. Donaddor Lightbringer


    11 April 2016
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    Allow tiles around outskirt NPC cities to be subject to the nearest holding's reputation, granting positive and negative reputation clans to have some implications and some bonuses. (eg. regional dungeon bonuses for both, increased alignment gain/lost in area, maybe NPC city gets stronger towers if blue clan owns holding, maybe NPC towers get weaker if red clan does.)

    Want to leave this more open ended in hopes to hear more of what people may think up in terms of what bonuses/changes or other implications that should be considered if a concept like this is to be implemented.

    What kind of changes do you think should exist for both Positive/negative reputation clans and what kind of changes do you think should exist for just positive clans or should exist just for negative clans?

    Should Negative clans be able to raid outskirt NPC cities?

    Should positive clans get a respectable amount of bonuses if they show activity in clearing Reds / negative clans in the area?

    Should clan reputation just be scrapped and not reconsidered in TCS?

    Review holdings near outskirt NPC cities to get some context of not only terrain, but dungeons/villages and other holdings which are implicated in concept proposed thus subject to change/consideration in relation to concept.

    (Eq Hammerdale, if a good clan owns it, they should get some bonuses, if a bad clan does, they should too ontop of being able to raid NPC city. IMO weaken towers of NPC city or something is a decent consideration for negative reputation clans. All areas that would come into question should have similar lay outs in terms of all having some kind of dungeon near by and such. )

    Think outskirt NPC cities should feel a bit less safe than the core ones and that allowing outside influence of them should help the feeling of clans being able to impact the core established order of the region.
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  2. chad

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    9 September 2015
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    I think there is some potential here.
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