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OFFICIAL POLL #1: Crafting Masteries

Discussion in 'Game Design Discussion' started by DestLocke, Apr 13, 2016.


What types of mechanics do you think would be best for the game in both the short and long term?

  1. Hard limit on number of active masteries (based on total number of masteries)

  2. Exponentially increase gold cost per mastery

  3. Exponentially increase grind per mastery

  4. Hard Limit along with some mechanic to allow additional masteries with some penalty to PvP prowess.

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Fawley

    Fawley Infernal

    Aug 26, 2015
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    The reasoning behind these changes we're thinking about is to make being a crafter a viable playstyle. As it stood in DF 1.0 there was only value in crafting in the first few months for those few who got fed a lot of mats and were one of the few to craft but later on in the life of the game everyone could basically craft for themselves and would even pay others to craft for them.

    You should be gaining net worth from crafting, not losing net worth. The idea behind the soft or hard cap of masteries is so that if you can't do everything yourself then you're going to have to trade someone else for something they can provide that you can't. In that scenario they would either be a clan mate helping you out or a stranger that's doing it for a profit.
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    Just so you know, our early dev roadmap indicates the changes we are planning on making to make harvesting more rewarding and active.

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  2. nuclearping

    nuclearping Crypt Guard

    Feb 2, 2016
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    I voted for ...
    • Exponentially increase gold cost per mastery
    • Exponentially increase grind per mastery
    ... because I think there are two problems with a hard limit:
    1. We only have 1 character per account. Games which limit crafting masteries usually allow multiple characters per account. Unless this is also granted in RoA, I don't think that a hard limit is good.
    2. Darkfall was never about artificial limitation. If we only have one character per account, you should be allowed to grind all the other masteries given you want to invest the time and energy into it.
    Even if we limit the amount crafting masteries per character, this will not stop people from having multiple accounts and get all masteries eventually anyway.
  3. SabinBlitz

    SabinBlitz Goblin Warlord

    Mar 3, 2016
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    I voted orginally for hard caps but as I'm playing Darkfall again.... I agree that rising the grind/cost will only benefit the game long term. Placing hardcaps/limitations will just force people to own multiple accounts.

    while that may not deter many, it will deter me. I'm only playing one account and I'm focusing mainly on crafting. I guess I don't want to be limited and I don't want ot reset all the time...
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