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Old player returned and I have some questions and input.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by veteranplayer, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. veteranplayer

    veteranplayer New Member

    Mar 11, 2019
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    I played a bit of DF1, caught on it towards the end of it's life cycle and I was amazed at the size of the world and the very responsive controls. It felt like a medieval Quake of sorts, and by this I mean that you had to aim, dodge and not just stand there and press 1 2 3 like in most lame MMOs.

    Developers, please make sure that when you do make that hard promotional launch you are prepared just in case you go live on steam as well or you post on all sorts of blogs, be ready for the influx of players so it won't happen like with DF1 launch, a friend told me it was horrible, everyone trying to log in and failing.

    The world and the mechanics are awesome, maybe if you could add just a few NPCs in each town , wondering about, sort of non essential, so that players don't have to look for them and some animations, basic rotationg stuff like wind mills, water mills, elevators.. I mean I remember there were some , but the point I'm making is that when I used to enter a town it felt empty, because even if there were players, they would all gather and finger each others asshole at the most important screen in the game, the bank window, sorting stuff, making stuff... it was crazy , but fun in a way.

    Took part in some naval combat and it was awesome. Maybe you could have some larger rivers that could fit some boats in mainland as well, you would just do that and you would open up entire new scenarios, like boats attacking holdings on in the mainland (inner).

    I'm just talking about simple changes that you could do them in a few days and make everything look more alive, dynamic. I know, main focus is the players, they are and make the content, but still.

    Just some path nodes for NPCs moving about and giving repetable quests like bring me x or that. What might seem as overused in mmos, might still be something people expect, like doing mindless chores.

    You should also keep in mind that this stuff we all(here) love, aka full loot pvp seems appealing to a lot of people. The good news is that people nowadays play all sorts of risk vs reward enforced games like survival stuff where u can lose all your shit... but the bad news is that here they can't just rage and change servers, they need to adapt. So, give them the tools to adapt.

    I liked what DFUW did with safe zones, in the sense that it needs some sort of implementation.. I was thinking about this:

    Have Zap/Watch Towers along the roads connecting the neutral towns. Again, something that you could implement quite fast and in case the newbie player is innocent and is trying to be deterred from playing the game by the diehard, he can try to reach the main road. This gives the newbies incentives to explore and ofc, the better loot nodes would be located further from the roads.

    So, while not really a safe zone, as the sort of radius that we would be used to, but a protection, a tower for new players to run to. This would also prevent specialized gankers from waiting just outside towns and chasing down their prey.

    Do you have some sort of editor? If yes, give it to me, I've been mapping for some games and I could better represent it like that.

    Make the world feel more alive, give players incentives to explore and run around, and not just afk mine like drones, if this is still the case.... dunno all the changes that have been made...

    Launch it on steam, grab the players and the gold, finance and develop further, make DF the greatest and give class. The foundation for darkfall has always been solid in my opinion. Everything is there, just make the puzzle interesting.

    Now, my questions:

    - What exactly comes with this expansion, besides customization, any new mechanics?

    - About the supporter packs. This one:

    Patron Supporter

    Pack includes:
    • Forum Title: Patron
    • In-game title: Patron
    • In-game title: Benefactor
    • In-game title: Contributor
    • 200 Nithron Coins
    • Tome of Wanderlust
    • Tome of Divinities
    • 30 Day Game Time Token
    • 100 Slot Personal Bank Extension

    So either buying 30 day game time, or using 100 Nithron coins to buy that token thingy is the same right? Can that be lost, like if u die, can it get looted of of you?

    I saw a video by Wes Furtive about this stuff with the runes, tomes. So, i don't know if it was in 1 or UW, but we had those 2 main things... runestones, which you would bind to a location and then you could teleport and that was that, but you would lose them and portal shards, well for portals.

    So, from this I understand that you only need like 1 runestone and then you charge that runestone in the runebook with portal shards, so for each recall to the runestones u use 1 portal shard? If that's the case, make sure their drop rate is better than that of the runestones ofc.

    - There was Boats and Hoes and Sick bastards, are they still around?

    So, i thought that the 50 euro supporter pack is very nice and you would basically get the runes and 3 months of game time + those bank slots. Was there a limit in DF1? I can't remember anymore...

    That's about it.

    P.S: I'd love to help with the map if possible, I don't want any sort of compensation, nor do I expect you to implement my ideas, but things can be tested and maybe players like them.

    You can always use what's already there and improve on it....
  2. Korag

    Korag Evil Eye

    Aug 15, 2016
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    you use the nithron on the website to purchase the token, they show up in game at top of your screen in mail bag, once you retrieve them they go directly into your bank. Do not go out pvping with them I cannot member 100% but I think they can be dropped if you carry them around.

    Get a runestone, mark it and place it in the book. It will be yours forever. Takes 2 portal shards to charge the book for 1 use.

    Sick Bastards have people playing still.

    bank limit was always around 2k. Bank extensions allow you to add a second bank with a max of 2k.
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  3. Sero

    Sero Gnoll Vilegaunt
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    Apr 8, 2016
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    The supporter pack comes with everything on the list. If it's in your bank you can't lose it, if you equip a runebook, you can't lose it.
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