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Other games content applied to RoA(long thread)

Discussion in 'Game Design Discussion' started by mirim, Sep 7, 2017.

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    long long long post incoming...

    First of all sorry in advance, my English really sucks. This has been a challenge for me since I don´t speak English daily, but I think you guys will understand it, if not please feel free to ask me whatever you want. I´m European, Spanish, played DFO since beta to the end of servers, dfuw for a few months(not a great fan) and RoA since alfa until today.

    I will try to give ideas from other games that worked well and that I think can be ported to RoA. I will give you examples that how can it works in RoA, explained and some videos, but the important thing is the point, not the examples.


    Teleport book:

    In AA we have a book in our inventory that, when we enter a city and pass for the first time for a point, it is stored in the book. Then when we want to travel to a place, we open the book and select the destination with which we will open a portal to that site, as long as we have a special object in the inventory.

    In RoA you could change the teleportation point for the villages, so that by passing by a village they would be unlock your teleport book, and then you can use the book to create a portal back to the village (I do not know if that is viable or convenient in RoA). To limit its use it could be required for example 1 portal shard (it would be a strong marketable item, now not used) to travel intracontinentally or 2-3 portals shard to travel between continents.

    The clan that owns the target village would have that free teleport (or gain a% of the shards used to that village by the people), creating clan conflict for their capture. Of course no one could use the teleport to the villa 15 or 30 minutes before and after it was vulnerable.

    Another alternative instead of the villages, would be the chaos stones (that are hardly used). The new portal system could coexist while maintaining only the incoming newbie zone portals.

    This would boost PvP, clan conflict, trade, and we could travel quickly to any village that we have unlocked.


    Those who have played AA know that it is one of the strengths of the game, and the only thing that players drop when they die, as well as being the basis of the game trade. There is half way done since RoA exists in its own way, with the Trade Routes. In AA there are many routes of commerce and many possible tradepacks. Depending on the city in which you are, you can create some packs with predefined materials, then you can transport them to another city, by land or sea, and that will give you a profit (money or materials) . The longer you travel, the better benefit you will get, and for example might be an extra benefit for trading between the islands.

    In RoA for example, we have the seller of the trade routes instead of the machine, which we could place anywhere. You could pack with the new kitchen recipes like 20 apple pies, mahogany if we travel from yssam, limestone from nifflheim, etc. and the reward when delivering would be money or rares (or others), each seller would ask for something different depending on the area . Many sites that are not very busy, such as seelie, tiquiya, furghum, mirror sea, jhali, silvertown, etc. (they are only examples) could be used as starting or end of the route and also use the mainland capitals and some hamlets (they would stop being holdings, there are more than 80 holdings does not make much sense)

    Most of the ports of the central continent would have towers, so if you want to assault the caravan you have to do it in their way, and the reds would also have their ports without towers (islands), with much more benefits than the blue ports .

    You could also send the rewards to the new window created by BPG(deliveries) hours later, as does Archeage who sends them to the mail.

    This would enhance the movement within the continent and above all in the sea, the economy, piracy or the hiring of mercenaries, to protect your caravans.

    Sunken treasures:

    This is another feature in AA. In a workbench you can craft an object that floats the treasures sunk in the sea. There are certain areas where there are usually sunken treasures, usually with boats nearby, sometimes there are even 3 treasures in the same area. A divers suit is also required to be able to submerge and do the whole operation. The treasures usually consist of antiques that we can use for the housing or sell them at different prices to a NPC collector of antiques.

    In roa we already have the Gills to hold under the water, or an enchantment of armor that allows us to do the same. You can create an AA-like object to float the treasure (or a strongbox) and wait a few minutes to open it, or if it is not technically viable in RoA, open it directly underwater. The good loot can be perfectly everything related to housing, carpets, furniture, etc. even edited as antiques, would be more exclusive, which we can then sell to players or a new NPC that would be like AA.

    The treasure zones would be logical, for example around the sea tower, near the spawns of krakens, near sea ports of commerce, where pirates and sea monsters would have sunk boats.

    It would be possible to mark on the map of the game where there are hot areas of treasures.

    This encourages the exploration, the maritime transit, and pvp in the sea.


    In AA the fishing is quite complex, I will explain a little above because there are many items, from 6 fishing rods according to the damage they do and the level of fishing we have to use them up a lot of hooks to use them with different fishes. In summary, there are two types of fishing, basic fishing and sport fishing. The basic fishing is similar to the one that has RoA, you simply approach the shore, throw your cane and wait for them to bite (worms are used as bait). This one is mainly used to raise our level of fishing and to start with the sport fishing, which is the one that interests us and is practiced in the open sea.

    In the sport fishing, we will go open sea and look for banks of fish. We can identify them because there are always gulls flying overhead. In AA there are many types of big fish, by capturing them you can take them like the tradepacks, with the backpack in the back and deliver them to a fish merchant for enough money or turn them into a trophy to put in your house. When we find a bank of fish, we throw a bucket of bait into the sea and release the cane. When a fish hits, a life bar comes out and a minigame starts in which you have some skills to take life from the fish to zero and then we pick it up.

    There are also special fishing boats that allow us to put more fish than the one we carry in the backpack, it is usually a group activity. It should be noted that in AA only you can steal what you have caught, as if they were tradepacks, boats are not batchable although enemies can destroy it and you have a chance to repair the ship later, I think this is one of the successes that people use so many boats to fish, carry tradepacks and look for treasures. Ships in DF are used very little, I think RoA should to take this way.

    In RoA you could do something similar but simpler, you could place the fish banks as in the treasures sunk in maritime transit positions, bait the low level fish that we get when fishing and add a mini game to catch the big fish that will have a good reward when we deliver them for example to the merchant of tradepacks of a seaport.

    This favors the exploration, the maritime transit, and pvp in the sea.


    This is not a sandbox or content feature, but it's a big deal in RoA especially for newbies, though I'm sure veterans would appreciate it too. The Folio in AA is a page of the interface where all the crafting skills are with their corresponding recipes, from tailoring to the price or components of the tradepacks. It is a great inconvenience for a new player to have to be opening other external pages to the game to consult anything, like the map, which we will talk about later. In most MMORPGs, you can see the Folio only with the press of a key.



    Treasure / relic chest:

    In AO there are treasure chests that drop materials, money and objects to craft special objects. There are 3 different types according to his loot, we will call them small, medium and large. They always spawn in the same place, the time respawn by the small ones is 1 hour, the mediums every 3 and the large ones every 12 hours. The loot of the small is designed for 1-2 people, the medium for 4-5 people and the large one for guilds.

    In the case of RoA the small chest could be put near the initial zones with a small loot good for the newbies like some money, basic materials, enchanting components of q1-q2 or weapons of its level.

    The mediums would have a better loot always intended for small groups so that it is not profitable to zerge it, for example money, maps, rare ores, mahogany, limestone, enchanting components of q3-q4, some housing items.

    Finally we would have the big ones, more destined to guilds. The loot here would be for example related to sieges and maintenance of a clan. Fair money, ship modules, nexus, cannon modules or warhulk, lots of gunpowder, repairs, battlespikes , or even the low possibility of directly drops ships, warhulks, cannons, etc.

    We all know that the world of Agon is full of incredible sites created by Aventurine, but in which they did not put anything or any spawn of unprofitable mobs. For example the underground city of Yssam in the lava, Hobbittown west of alfar zone, the city of the center of cairn, the palisade west of brokmoore, there are hundreds. Best thing is the location of these coffers is static and it would promote action and movement to those cool sites. Could be placed medium and some large there. But really the big ones should be in or close enough to hamlets and / or player´s cities so that holdings once again have value to the clans and thus create more interest in besieging like in AO.

    This favors the introduction of the newbies to pvp, the small-scale pvp and most important it creates conflict between clans, in addition as we have said we will give life to inhospitable sites of Agon.


    Most of us know the hellgates of AO. In a random place of the map appears a demon that when killing it, will open a door to a hellgate, a kind of mini-dungeon. It is limited the maximum amount of people that can enter so that there are hellgates for groups of 2 and 5 people. Once inside there are a series of NPCs and a final boss.

    In all maps there is a hellgate so when a team opens it, there is a 30 minutes timer to complete it, while for the first 15, other team can enter and steal the loot.

    In the release of RoA, the dungeons were fine since it compensated to do them because they gave us meditation. Now that you are going to do without it, you have lost interest and it is not profitable and there is no motivation to do them. There are more than 30 dungeons in RoA, we could separate the small ones (we'll call them green for newbies) that we would use for groups of 1-2 (winterworth, otredale, etc) and big ones for groups of 3-5 (iklits, barathuk, kaerdan, etc.).

    Outside each dungeon there will be a guardian to be killed to activate the entrance. In the case of the greens can be a Deathless mage (only will drop a neithal key) and in the red devil / demon (will drop a demon key), in both cases the difficulty and reward must be adjusted. The key will be soulbound to the player who loot it. To collect it will have to enter the dungeon, clear all the mobs that will not come out again and when the last dies, the exit will be activated and the chest will appear. In the last room of the red dungeon, should always spawn a strong final boss( dark dragon, gardaroc, mino king, baradron, erodach, etc.)

    If while a group after killing the guardian enters to clean up the dungeon mobs, the next team that enters in another dungeon killing a guardian although it is in another continent will enter the same of the first group, with which there will be conflict insured and only one of the groups will charge the key.

    Observations: Each player can only enter the same dungeon every 21 hours. Dead guards reappear within 30 minutes. It would be necessary to establish a time to complete each dungeon, so that not over a long time and avoid one of the groups to camp the next ones in the entrance, or another way can be when the groups enter , they appear randomly in the dungeon. All these hellgates must be lawless and the red one must have a very large reward, which compensates to go with 5 people.

    You should see the possibility that in the green dungeon, only the key is lost, so that newbies can enter the pvp without much risk.

    Hellgates will promote creating groups of pve, small scale pvp, introducing the newbies to pvp, and use the dungeons that are deserted now.

    Action House:

    Although I put it here, I could have chosen any other game since most have it, AO, AA, DFUW, EVE, etc.

    It takes an AH in the game, I do not know if it should be local, global, purchase orders, etc. But it is clear that it’s a must because the current trading system, shouting at the chat and with a cooldown to write is at least tedious. The one who wants to dedicate to this could continue to do so, but I think people prefer to spend their time on anything other than spamming the chat to sell, but doing other things while you can be selling something through an AH.


    Daily PvP and repeatable quests:

    In ESO we have Cyrodiil which is where the PvP of the game is developed. There are 3 factions with their bases in each point of the map that has triangular form. Then there are castles that have around a farm, a lumbermill and a mine. There are also smaller keeps, and everything can be conquered, except the starting zone.

    Well here are two types of quest. Daily repeatable quest which are done in towns that are in neutral areas and can be captured (with a system like the one that has implemented BPG). The faction that owns the town is the only one that can perform these daily missions(always completed near of the town) that although they are PvE, they become PvP since the other factions try to recover these towns with small groups. Maybe would work if you set NPC giving quests in the villages (instead of giving the actual reward for capturing them), but that would require that the villages could be captured very often, and not with a 12 hours timer.

    On the other hand we have the PvP missions that give us at the base of our faction, and that are the ones that would most interest us for RoA. These are repeatable and you can do them as long as you complete the previous one as they are divided into different groups.

    Battle and Warfront missions, the first are those in which we are sent to capture a farm, mine or a lumbermill, and the second a castle.

    Bounty missions are those in which we are told to kill a number of players or a number of players of the same class, for example kill 20 nightblades, kill 20 players..

    Scouting missions are those in which we are simply sent to approach an enemy castle and write a report.

    Elder scrolls missions are those that ask us to steal one of the scrolls that are in PvP placed inside of castles and give bonuses to all players of the faction that owns it. We will see this later.

    In RoA we need things to do, an incentive to cause conflict, especially when you have the character leveled. The battle missions in RoA could be for example Capture the village of Ehetil. The bounty missions could be Kill X players, Kill X alfar players, etc. without ever having the same victim 2 times or the deaths of allies or clan mates. Now that we can chop the heads of the enemies, perhaps it could also be applied to deliver heads of red, blue players for the pks or even of some specific player that is in the TOP of PvP kills leaderboard.

    Scouting Missions could be for example, Enter the Andruk system (any holding) and write a report (we can carry a book and write, so you have to do something at least a few seconds and not just enter and exit the system .) In my opinion, it would be necessary to enable the system messages again, at least when enemies enter our holding company or if they are using our resources, since it was a reason to play and defend yours.

    It would miss to see which character would give the missions and the rewards, since in ESO it serves to raise a lot of experience and give a coin that serves to exchange by boxes with high end gear, both things that we do not have in RoA.

    Last one are Elder scrolls missions, imagine that player cities in RoA have an altar and you can place an item on it. We will call it Orbs instead of scrolls. Only there are 3-4 Orbs in the server , each one provides a different buff to the clan who owns the city or to the players bound there. Buffs can be like the provided by Wonders. For example, +30 HP , +20 VIT, +50% gold gained on PvE, there are a lot of possibilities. Best part is you can raid the city that owns the orb and steal it to place in yours and win the buff. Player who steal the orb will appear in the worldmap like the old siege system called shard holder, do you remember it? J and this player should place the Orb in his city to win the buff.

    This would motivate more capture of villages, more pvp, more raids to holdings, guild wars, etc.

    Dark Anchors:

    There are 10 dolmens over Tamriel, in which the worlds of good and evil connect. They are fixed points on the map. When someone passes by is activated and a chain links both worlds, after this in the dolmen, enemies start to emerges by waves until arriving at a final boss, when it dies, a chest spawns with good rewards. At the moment the dolmen is activated, it is seen and heard from far away until it is finished.

    There is another similar but smaller called Dark Fissures that appear randomly on the map but are much easier. The mobs scale according to the players present in the dolmen and of course there is PvP when the Dark Anchor is in Cyrodiil. The clans have ongoing fights here because some of the rewards are siege weapons above normal, with more life and more powerful.

    I do not know how we could apply it to RoA, in ESO it is an impressive visual experience and I do not think it was feasible to do the same, but the idea of mechanics is very interesting.

    Imperial City:

    ESO's first DLC consisted of the appearance of the Imperial City. As a summary, there are several districts and the city is controlled by the undead (high level). The three factions can enter and there is PvP and PvE constant. The mobs throw stones called Tel Var, which can only be obtained in that area. The coffers and treasures of the Imperial City also give Tel Var stones that we can use to change them to a NPC by equipment of the highest level. Also when we die in the imperial city we lose the stones that we have at that moment and if you are killed by a player, he will steal them. It should be noted that the more stones you carry, the greater the multiplier that affects the amount of stones we will receive is.

    In RoA you could do something similar in the central dungeon, difficult mobs that drop in addition to its loot a new item as the stones (only inside the dungeon), you have to accumulate stones to exchange them in an NPC for high level materials/gear, but you will need a lot of stones. For example enchanted gems q4-5, rare ingots, infernal armor, r60 weapons, etc. limiting them in some way so that they can not be overexploited, for example, to spend a maximum of stones a week or so. They are things to be concrete, I tell you what matters is the concept or the idea.

    With this we will give a lot of life to the central dungeon, content for veterans, High end PvP, and a way to win gear doing PvP.

    Living World:

    In various games like ESO or GW2, you can see how the cities are populated with different NPCs, they walk, talk, trade, etc.

    When I talk to the newbies, one of the biggest complaints about the game is that it seemed empty even in the cities, they were playing and there was no feeling of a living world.

    I think adding some NPCs, like guards or whatever in cities, or some NPCs traveling between capitals walking would greatly enhance that feeling of deserted cities that is outcome when there is low population in a game.


    Armor penalty:

    In DFUW there were armor of warrior and archer (10 pieces) and magician and healer (5 pieces). The cost of each of 5 pieces was higher than the 10, so it was more or less balanced. When a player was not wearing at least 5 pieces of armor, all the blows he received were considered critical by the back, so no one was going with less than 5 pieces of armor (avoiding nakeds).

    In RoA there should be something similar, to prevent people from going naked or in robes, or wearing a very low durability armor. In the end, one of the bases of this game is the risk against reward, and so should be, at least in PvP. Another possibility would be that for each piece of armor equipped we have a buff of 1-2% more of the base damage

    Summon Allies:

    Another of the innovations that AV introduced, was the ability to summon a person to your position with a portal shard. It had a long cooldown, but it was very gratifying to login and being able to join your friends who were in the other part of the world about to do something in 2 minutes. Otherwise you took too long and when you arrived they were already dead or they had finished what they were doing.

    Combined with the teleport that I proposed through the villages, we would have a super fast system to travel through Agon. If you think that it´s too much, you can always limit the number of daily summons a player can do, or the number of trips a player can do with his teleportation book.


    Not too much to say here. People needs an interactive map ingame like the dfuw was.

    Not sure about the fog of war but specially new players need info about mob spawns, holding´s owner, location of npc cities, missions, tasks, etc

    Guild Wars 2(GW2)


    Heart of the mist, is the location where competitive pvp is running in GW2.You can practice with dummies, enter in arenas, play competitive tournaments, etc

    This place is separated of pve world, you can travel there using a portal. Inside of the heart of the mist there are NPCs giving you armor, weapons, jewelry that you can choose to use, you have a bank too. Players have the option to create custom tournaments talking with a NPC and choosing options like gear, timer, score needed to win, max slots and a lot more.

    Talking of RoA, you guys can create a new location like this outside of agon, where players have an empty Arena Bank. People can choose his gear, jewelry, enchanted gems, potions, food, etc for free from merchants, without limit or durability where all items have same stats. This is for fun.

    We need some pvp modes too:

    · Friendly duel ( 1vs1), where people can challenge others for fun or randomly

    · Competitive duel(1vs1), where people fight for a pvp leaderboard, you can introduce a wager option too.

    · Same 2vs2, 3vs3, as u want.

    · Custom Tournament, this would be awesome, you can choose max gear, best of x to win, number of players per team o solo tourney, wager to play or not,etc

    I think this would be a great feature for new and veteran players, the newbies could start to practice pvp without losing gear and veterans, i´m sure most veterans players in RoA don’t care about the loot, mostly they want to play fast and have fun.


    Last, in other way, community is asking since alfa about a few mechanics that doesn´t work properly. Enchanting, reagents and buffs should be revamped. I don’t know how to do the enchanting one but is the most tedious thing of DF.
    You can reduce types of reagents like in DFUW, for example Elemental powder for elemental schools, you can get it from mobs, buying in mage or crafting throw Alchemy(1 sulfur+1 nacre = 2 elem powder) and Magic dust for the rest(lesser,greater, SC, etc) you can get it same as elementalist powder but crafting recipe can be 1 mandrake + 1 resin = 2 magic dust.

    Buffs need to be reduced, nobody likes to spend 1 minute casting buffs.
    I think you can to group them in magic buffs(fire,air, etc) , physical buffs(melee, arrow,etc) and stats buffs(vit,str, etc).


    I hope this serves as something, even if it is a single one would have been worth it, I love BPG because they bring back my favourite game and this was enough for me , but you guys still have time, go for it , keep going

    @Andrew @kilrain

    Thx u
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    Great post +1 Respect
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    Mirim is Tha Boss!!!
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    Big job in this post, respect, and I really hope to see some of this points implemented in Agon.
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    I agree with some of the ideas posted here, would be nice to have some of the features.
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    Thx guys!
    I hope bpg takes advantage of some of the ideas presented here
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    Shadowbane mine system

    UO factions
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    H1Z1 - RUST

    I have read a good suggestion that @Squanto made in Discord a few days ago, so i copy paste it here:

    "Add in random events, similar to how Airdrops work on Rust or H1Z1. One event could be a "Rare Ore Meteor Drop" event that spawns in a node that gives only rare ore (12-24 rare ore of one type). There would be Selentine Meteors, Leenspar, Ect. One of each type that could spawn. These events should happen once every 30 minutes or once an hour and should have 100 or so preplaced coordinates to be able to spawn in at. (10 on every island and 60 on mainland) It would say in an Event Chat tab, or in the middle of your screen "A meteor has landed in the tile of [insert tile name here]. It will cool off in 20 minutes and be harvestable. (you would want to give people time to get there, so making people wait 20 minutes for it to 'cool off' would work well). You can use premade models and modify them to make it look like a crashed meteor (akathar nest, ore node reskinned with whatever color the rare ore that it contains). Add a flame around the node and make it non-mineable until the time has passed. Once the time has passed, make it harvestable. You might want to make it so that it has a high fail rate on harvesting to keep people at the spot longer so there is more pvp.

    Another example could be a "Crashed Zepplin" that carries either timber/iron/stone or enchanting materials (could replace this with anything) but it would be the same concept as the meteor. It crashed, is burning and will be lootable in 20 minutes. Could make exactly like a strongbox, have the new zepplin model interactable and after the time passes of it cooling off you open it and drag the loot out of it.(editado)

    I feel like this is do-able in a short amount of time and would have a big impact on the population getting everyone to leave their cities. You already have all of the models you would need to make this, and it doesn't need any animations."
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