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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SinSemilla, Nov 25, 2019.

  1. Scrapnotcrap

    Scrapnotcrap Eodrin
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    Aug 27, 2015
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    thats because most ppl were not on "steam" to play that game.
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  2. Featherbeans

    Featherbeans Chosen of Khamset
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    Sep 21, 2015
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    Right now, calling anything a grind in this RPG/FPS MMO game is just a pathetic nonsense - whatever juice makes you flow @Yomi Scythetalon

    There are some casual online Co-Op PVE games with at least double the grind.

    The next step in falling into the self-righteous-passive-agressive-player-demand chasm will arrive probably when one or more blues are killed after a couple of hours of farming inside a dungeon in partial loot land.

    They keep the paperdoll but lose two hours worth of loot...
    I can already see this moment swooping down like an eagle.

    They want to have the rewarding feeling of getting loot, but they can't cope with the punishing sensation (and this was one of the main things that made darkfall different, the most rewarding and punishing game of all time).

    They will be unable to take it in the chest and move on.
    Their pixels are precious and the game gotta change.
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