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Patch notes history and display format

Discussion in 'Project Suggestions' started by KoKane, May 11, 2020.

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    Oct 17, 2015
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    So on Neilks recommendation, I had a look back through the patch notes timeline, to try bring myself up to speed on what has changed..

    At first I thought this is a nice little feature to help returning players out, but naturally someone like me will pick out a bunch of stuff to improve on.

    Firstly, please consider adding a 'Next Page' type of button at the bottom of each one, which leads to next subsequent patch. This would make the reading experience a whole lot smoother, rather than back-buttoning to the list of items where all of which are basically the same words. If you go AFK for a break at all and you come back with just the list infront of you, it can be easy to think "shit which one was I on?" and then click through each one to find the notes you remember.
    (Not a major issue now... but think of the future when this patch timeline grows and grows)

    For the sake of appearance consistency, perhaps consider double checking what actually falls under the category of a FIX and what are the regular changes or notes, and then categorize and list them accordingly.

    Moved mines
    Removed Building
    Added Rock

    Fix -
    Fix -
    Fix -

    In multiple cases these were bundled together and sometimes the post was titled HOTFIX UPDATE NOTES or just UPDATE PATCH NOTES. I was under the impression that Updates, Hotfixes and Patches were all unique from each other. A hotfix being applied to a server/game while its still running

    An example or small sample/case scenario of what I'm talking about would be the Akathar patches in January. Jan 10th, 16th, 24th and 31st. You can find fixes among updates, or changes in 10th. Then in 16th you have it more neatly done with lists, clearly separating changes, fixes and updates.

    Perhaps, when labeling the patch timeline entries, just have the parent label, like you do (ie Akathar), along with the word "notes" and a number for its sequence.
    This would make the timeline look more clean and consistent.
    Then, beneath the primary title, a smaller subtext that reads something like "contains - Hotfix, update" or w/e is inside.
    This 'contains' string of text is a nice place to put more important or identifying elements of a note, like with the Land Tower patch, you added it to the title.

    The date is also currently displayed twice. Once in the title and once beneath the title.

    Imo just have it beneath.

    So, in the end.. It could just read something simple like

    Baradron Notes 3
    3 April 2020. (contains... patch, Land Fortress, updates)
    Baradron Notes 2
    26 March 2020. (contains... hotfix, update)
    Baradron Notes 1
    19 March 2020 (contains... )
    Akathar Notes 5
    14 Febuary 2020. (contains... Updates, patch)
    Akathar Notes 4
    7 Febuary 2020. (contains... patches, hotfixes)
    Akathar 3
    31 Jan 2020. (contains.. )

    Not a big deal but just thought I'd post it quickly. Obviously no need to apply it retroactively? Though maybe only as far as the first Akathar patch and the new naming process.

    But definitely consider adding the 'next page' button at least. To go through the notes.
    It'll be worth it in the future when the list grows larger
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