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Patch Notes Patch Update 7-12-2019

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by kilrain, Jul 12, 2019.

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    Hola! It's been one week since we announced we'll be reverting combat and getting things back on track with this patch and I'm happy to say things are going well. I know everyone is eager to get this patch in and get combat back, but unfortunately it's not the only thing we have going in this patch.

    Previously we discussed armor dyes, new armors, revamped clan window, hotbar improvements, new default key binds (all feedback appreciated and welcome), new logout mechanic with a new combat flag that will be used along with logging out and other mechanics in the future, some shader/graphical improvements, performance improvements and the changes to rune books.

    What we are doing now is holding off on armor dyes and the new armor (leather and robes). This will buy us more time to both complete the armor models and work in their stats to fit the old combat the way they should. We are now finalizing the other components and polishing them up with the great help of those volunteering their time on the public test server (download the client here) and once they are complete we will patch and continue with the dyes and other new stuff.

    I think the most frequently asked question about the combat revert had to do with self stat buffs and I want to clarify here that the stat buffs will not be returning and we will look at new ways to acquire the 120 stat potions, however keeping the champions as the primary and fastest method to obtain them. Buff others are staying as they are for now and we can look at ways to improve them without making them overpowered slowly as we move forward.

    If you have any other questions regarding this patch or the items coming with it let us know in here and we'll answer them the best we can. For an ETA we could be as early as next weekend, but I don't want to hold us to that and expect the following week (26th) to be a more accurate date. We feel your pain and hope to get it out asap and of course we appreciate your patience as we work out the final kinks.

    Thanks and have a great weekend!

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