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Posting for a friend

Discussion in 'Rise of Agon Videos' started by JasperHawkins, 4 August 2021.

  1. JasperHawkins

    JasperHawkins Celestial
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    6 November 2015
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    If I ever see Yomi in leather pants again not IRL...
    I understand he needs the support he once took for granted but that type of gear isn't the answer. We are all getting older Yomi.

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  2. tk5801

    tk5801 Undead Dwarf

    24 November 2016
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    hello friend, are you playing roa,sia?.

    Iremember playing with u on the roa beta at hammerdale.

    yomi good leader but alfar for got name ?!

    jest sin or something.

    good clun i meanhonesttly
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    nunca renha o neu fome
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    2:46Jake Paul - 12 Days Of Christmas (Feat. Nick Crompton) - YouTube
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    never sy never satanic jp y yomii!

    Justin Bieber - Never Say Never (Official Music Video) ft. Jaden Smith - YouTube
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    nyc aa i remembt it


    ; ) nyc
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    Dad blames NYC for shooting death of Queens Uber driver (nypost.com)
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    it looks like th female se thim up but thats the in depth tke on som1 who travled like 20 major cities NA past 20 months.

    yomi might now ! ^^
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    Where me up naro@&$