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Question on binding keys to Hotbar columns

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mr MW, Mar 17, 2021.

  1. Mr MW

    Mr MW New Member

    Jun 15, 2016
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    I used to play DF back in the day, and had a Hotbar setup that worked well for me,
    and I am trying to replicate that in ROA.

    I have looked at a few of the Hotbar guide videos, and they are informative, unfortunately none address
    this particular setup that I can find.
    So I thought maybe someone here, or if one of the devs sees this, they can help.

    In old DF, I binded the function keys F1-F5 to switch between
    Hotbar 1 thru Hotbar 5.

    This is working well for me now in ROA.

    The problem I am having is replicating the Hotbar / Row binds that I had used in the past.

    Example of my old bind:
    Gui_Hotbar_Col_1 = F1
    --Gui_Hotbar_Col_1_Row_1 = 1
    --Gui_Hotbar_Col_1_Row_2 = 2
    --Gui_Hotbar_Col_1_Row_3 = 3
    --etc ... thru Gui_Hotbar_Col_1_Row_0

    So I hit F1, it switches to Hotbar 1
    I hit the number 1 for GS
    number 2 for bow
    etc ..

    Gui_Hotbar_Col_2 = F2
    --Gui_Hotbar_Col_2_Row_1 = 1
    --Gui_Hotbar_Col_2_Row_2 = 2
    --Gui_Hotbar_Col_2_Row_3 = 3
    --etc ... thru Gui_Hotbar_Col_2_Row_0

    My second Hotbar might be all spells

    This worked well for my 1 thru 5 Hotbars bound, and all rows in each respective column
    were bound using numbers 1 thru 0 respectively.

    In ROA, after binding Hotbar Column 1 rows 1 thru 0 using numbers, 1 thru 0 as binds , I hit apply.
    and then perform the same binds on Hotbar Column 2 and hit apply.

    But this action "unbinds" my Hotbar 1 rows.

    I remember being able to do this in old DF, not sure if I am missing a step
    or if this version of DF cannot support this configuration.

    Can anyone provide some insight whether I am missing a step or whether this cannot be done in ROA.
    I may just forgot how I did it.

    Any help would be great.

  2. Ryco Stormeye

    Ryco Stormeye Undead Dwarf

    Dec 20, 2016
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    Have a look at this as you can now auto switch hotbar columns when you pull out a weapon.


    However to answer your question directily the

    You need 1 to 0 on "Gui Hotbar Row 0, Gui Hotbar Row 1 etc" which is below hotbar expanded toggle
    And need F1 to F5 on "Gui Hotbar Col 1, Gui Hotbar Col 2 etc" which is above "Gui Hotbar Col 1 Row 1" etc.

    All in Options, Input Bindings, Gui
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  3. Mr MW

    Mr MW New Member

    Jun 15, 2016
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    That was it.
    Got it working.

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