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Quests that Promote Alignment-driven PvP

Discussion in 'Game Design Discussion' started by Aristos Giannes, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Aristos Giannes

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    Sep 4, 2015
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    The quests in the original game were always an area that I felt really lacked depth, but had a lot of potential. The rewards were only decent for newer players, and the formula was essentially the same for each. I've come up with an idea that I believe would encourage PvP between 'good' and 'evil' players, give NPC cities and chaos cities both more purpose, and give solo players, small and large groups something fun to do.

    NPC cities will have a 'quest board' where players can look at a list of randomly created quests of various difficulty. These quests will not be the typical, tedious grind of "kill 'x' amount of mobs and get 'y' reward". I'll go into more detail later in this post. The reward for these quests will be much more significant than vanilla quests, often giving rare ore/q3+ enchanting mats, or large amounts of q1-q2.

    Here's the part that will create incentive for PvP: Once a quest is accepted, NPC's in nearby chaos cities will receive 'intel' about the quest and an 'evil' quest with the same mission will be available. This will happen roughly 10-15 minutes after the quest is initially accepted. The 'evil' quest will have vague details about where the quest is located and what the mission is.

    The idea is evil players will have an idea where active players will be and will be able to interfere with the quest party and steal their loot and claim their own reward.

    Once the quest is completed, it can be turned in to only one of the NPC's. So either the blue party returns for the reward in an NPC city, or the red party claims the reward in a chaos city.

    Rewards given out by the blue NPC will be much more significant than those given by the red NPC. After all, the main goal of the evil players will be to loot the players themselves.

    As to the nature of the quests, i've had these two ideas so far.

    - Once a quest is taken, a unique quest key is given to the player and that player must go to a specific dungeon and use the key on a specific chest and return the item received from the chest to the original NPC. Red players who later accept the same quest will NOT be given the unique quest item, they will be told by the NPC to loot it off the blue players.

    - Once a quest is taken, a specific high level mob is created at a certain location and must be killed and looted. It will drop a unique item that must be returned to the NPC, or perhaps must be skinned for a unique item. This mob can be killed and looted/skinned by anyone to encourage potential trades/fights between players.

    Quests with the highest difficulty will likely require a full party to complete and are only given out in capital NPC cities. These are given out infrequently, perhaps only once every few hours.

    Quests with a medium difficulty will be given out in both capital cities as well as wilderness banks/wilderness NPC's. These will likely require 2-5 people.

    Quests with a low difficulty will only be given out in starter cities and wilderness banks/NPC's and can be accomplished solo.

    Hopefully this would give alignment more meaning, and create some meaningful PvP because of it.
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