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Quick Newbie Guide

Discussion in 'New Player Tips & Tricks' started by RabbleRabble, 9 June 2017.

  1. RabbleRabble

    RabbleRabble Deadeye

    17 October 2015
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    So you just logged in and your thinking what the fuck should I do?
    On your first character you will log in with 24 hours of protection(if you stay inside a certain zone)

    Step 1: Look for the task bar, find your gathering tasks. Pull out your sickle and look for a bush with 100% health bar.
    Finish all the gathering lines.

    Step 2: Open up your journal, and find mediation.
    Activate an attribute:
    Many people like to mediate quickness but
    If you want to be a mage : Intelligence(take this to 75 for archemage)
    If you want to shoot arrows: Dex
    If you want health/Melee dmg: Strength

    enable mediation and save.

    Step 3: Spend the entire 24 hours of newbie protection logging wood(raises str/vit) / harvesting bushes(raises intelligence), You can do stone as well. Dont waste time looking for open iron ore nodes.Take multiple types of tools and harvest untill you are encumbered and walking slow. Hit the recall button under your minimap, bank and repeat. Dont waste any time standing at the bank. Also when the server crashes/restarts all the nodes on the map respawn. So log in quick and get to harvesting. Also write down the time you started and remember the node. They respawn in 3 hours and you can be right there to get them all again.

    This sounds boring as all mighty hell....
    If you use your protection wisely, you can have 360+ health, 60 str, 60 vit, 60 wis within 24 hours of playtime.
    Also, You will have a decent amount of resin, mandrake,sulfur, timber,steedgrass(mounts).

    Now its time to get shit done.
    Finish the tasks, all of them.
    Here is your map(not always right)

    If you want to level archery, find someone with high skill to craft you some r20s, also look for arrows at .5g and under. Buy 5k arrows and get 10 bows, also look for some cheap food in 10-15 minute intervals.

    You will have some scrolls and lesser essences to use. You want to level up all your transfers; stam to health, mana to stam, heal self, health to mana(eventually). Buy scribing from the archemage buy a quill and take gold, essences and blank scrolls to the table by the archemage. Press F to use and open scribing, make 10-15 of each of these and use them.

    As you level all your magics make sure you buy the magic skills at 25/50/75 you want to start leveling them.

    Look on the map for a Crog, easy golems will also do, find one close to a bank and use the portal system to bind near. Go naked/cheap gear, take a bow and 600 arrows and 1 piece of food. Make a mount with steedgrass and whistle. Ride out there. Dont forget a knife(ever)

    How mobs work, is they have a leash point on the outside of their spawn where they are not really going to cross. You need to be around this point, if you run into the middle of a spawn and a mob gets up on your ass, he is going to fuck your shit. Keep your distance and dodge their ranged attacks.

    You are not going to make much money doing this, but grind out 5-10k arrows. This will put your dex 50+ and give you some quickness aswell. When you hit ,30(i think),50 and 75 archery skill go to the fighter in a npc city and buy your archery skills, veteren, sharpshooter, and one other. Get these right when you can, and start the grind on these as well.

    Now buy some crafted r40 bows look on the map for medium mobs and start killing.

    Mage guide.

    Shoot mana missles, use scrolls on transfers
    Unlock Greater Magic, buy rend
    Buy some bone from the vendor at 4g each
    Shoot rend at the goblins/trolls
    Buy heal other, Make 10-15 scrolls for this(if you have the mats)
    level Greater Magic to 50

    Buying elemental
    Take Air magic first and buy the bolt.
    The bolt takes 2 mandrake and only 3-4 gold per cast.
    Look on the map for Hill giant sluggers and bind near them.
    Take 300 mandrake/food(makes life so much easier)
    Like with archery stay at their leash point and shoot them over and over.
    When you hit 25 air magic buy your first subskill.
    Farm these giants for until you have 100 air. Take the lvl 50 lightning strike and lightning storm when you can and start throwing those into the rotation to level them.
    Using air magic you can start to farm these mobs at a profit and stockpile gold.

    While leveling your air magic you should also buy spellchanting/witchcraft. Throw the level 1 dmg spells into your rotation and get them to 50.

    Next pick your next magic.
    Fire is good, earth is nice.

    After you have a second school working to 100 try and get to 50 spellchanting and buy arcane magic. eventually level this to 50 for wall of force.

    If you pick fire, look in trade chat as you get gold to buy some sulfur for under 3g, if earth look for resin under 3g each.

    Get witches brew at 30 witchcraft

    Melee Leveling:
    Find a guild, find people doing hard mobs, offer to hit them for free for skill and hope they say yes?
    if no then just wear heavy armor(scale) and get a r20 and go find lots of easy /medium mobs to hunt.

    This game is 5x easier with a 2nd person to heal other and hit mobs in the back.
    Alone this game is rough
    Join a guild, find friends who want to grind, and level.

    maybe ill add on
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  2. Tron

    Tron Goblin Warrior

    27 August 2015
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    You really shouldn't meditate stats until you have 25 in each from nectar of the gods.
    Meditate lesser magic or something while doing all the goblin quests then meditate stats when everything is 25.
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  3. WyLd_SyDe

    WyLd_SyDe Spellgazer

    16 April 2016
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    Also quickness to 50/75 will give u more dps and qol than str or dex for destro imo
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  4. Ringo Starr

    Ringo Starr Deadeye

    2 June 2017
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    I dont get why someone should spend the first 24h on harvesting. I did all the newbietasks got ~120k mediation, got meelemastery, got witches brew. As I planned to go destroyer. I also made ~50k in gold doing mobs and buying/selling stuff on the market.
    After my newbie protection wore off I started harvesting near newbie zone got all str/vit to 75 and never died in the process either so dont need newbprotection for havesting rather have them when farming noobmobs as reds come there a ton these days for some reason(probably newbs testing pvp).
    Now if you destroyer you basically only need to get archery up and you set for pvp. If you mage you got some more grinding to do of course.
  5. Neo70

    Neo70 Goblin Warrior

    10 April 2017
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    yeah, i know.....my first death- 2 sec, 3rd deathl- 3 sec.....then i see ships who stucks an kraken and flying mans over the seas (kills me with 1 hit)....and i have str 80 and other stats 60-70. so i dont understand the gab between this
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