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Random Feedback/Suggestions.

Discussion in 'Game Design Discussion' started by quietnoobz, Apr 27, 2020.

  1. quietnoobz

    quietnoobz Chosen of Khamset

    Apr 9, 2016
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    Occasionally I like to leave feedback and requests. Thanks.

    Need incentive to RAID HOLDINGS

    Crafting: bonus dura when crafted in player cities ie. red cities.

    Need incentive to keep holdings: added perks, territory?

    More advertising incentive to kill dragons / do trade routes. I hear nothing about its benefits.

    More mount variation/separation, either remove stam and make bluetails fast, or add mount perks/skins

    More 1h incentive, only 1h axe (powerattack), and 1h sithra are cool.

    Divide gold between party members at villages (so people can regain portal shard spending gold)

    Decrease Time To Kill on greater celestials, minotaur king, and gargantua or make their loots phatter

    Add platinum reward to most popular dailies, ie. baradron, forest golem, leen/theyril golems, dungeons, etc.

    Provide platinum or some perk or loot for raiding a city and destroying a building. Incentivise city raiding.

    Create dueling arena outside sang. Could be for tournaments as well.

    Invest in coders who can learn how to code the game and create stuff.

    Implement new dragon armor dye's appearance.

    Every player city becomes red zone, for full loot within city limits of player cities. Raiding or getting raided by players who can't lose their armor is a scam and doesn't hold true to Darkfall's original formula/vision.

    Spirit Chaser staff cost to make reduced.

    Fix stat enchanted gems not working

    Lower portal chamber porting cooldown to 15 sec instead of 30.

    Thanks for looking.
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