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Rare Key Loot Tables Not Worth aTm

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jarlaxle Baenre, Mar 7, 2020.

  1. Jarlaxle Baenre

    Jarlaxle Baenre Goblin Shaman
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    Aug 21, 2016
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    Theyril and Demon Key loot tables are not worth the trouble to acquire. With the new Announcement system telling the server players are challenging top tier monsters almost guaranteeing pvp. I am happy with announcements just not nerfing theyril keys into the ground. We use to get chance at dragon, infernal, and most time bone chest. Now you get about the same gold, q5 mat, couple portal shards, and some kind of dye. No more sweet dragon chest drop??? Why is this? Chaos chest are only thing I believe can spawn dragon pieces now.

    Demon Key loot is two roll Q5 mats , 30-40k, couple pshards, and same dyes as all the other chest. Gold is cool mats cool... but pshards and dyes not cool. This is the Demon Lord's chest it should drop a crazy weapon potential like R70, cobra, anything special or a piece of dragon. Take away the dye and give use a random sithra or something different please. Make mid map hotter then it has ever been.

    Theyril keys and Demon keys should not drop Hunters Olive or Dream Blue. It can be many things. Simple swap would be give Serene white dye for theyril chest and Reaper Black for Demon Chest. Make these keys more valuable and UNIQUE.

    More loots we thirsty out here.

    Thanks for all the hard work BPG.
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  2. Raap

    Raap Wildtribe Mage

    Feb 16, 2016
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    Those server announcements killed a bunch of things:
    - Casuals no longer get to try and fight these big mobs, because the broadcast is akin to saying in global chat: "Bunch of dudes here in gear killing a big mob, come zerg us!".
    - Relevance of scouting spawns completely removed.
    - The added risks of these changes did not get accompanied by enough of a reward increase, so for a lot of people, content was effectively removed from the game.

    You've hit a point now where this content has become exclusive to a limited few people, mainly those with a high level of PvP skill. The broadcasts alienated other players from the content, therefore any loot increases will affect only a small group of people, specifically the one that could use less loot to begin with. Key chest loot is connected to this issue.

    Extra note: Getting jumped while PvEing is one of Darkfall's most frustrating experiences. Focusing content on this form of 'niche PvP' is a bad decision that will cause more people to quit than to start playing.
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  3. The Red King

    The Red King Obsidian Golem
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    Aug 10, 2016
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    Agree here - I feel all keys are still shit. The dream blue is cool, but nerfing leenspar and theyril keys into the ground was a poor move. People should get excited for
    Maps and keys. They should have original rare drops.

    Where’s the assassin hood with infernal productions?

    black knight armor with infernal protections
    --- Post updated ---
    Risk / Reward

    Noobs should not be fighting the best mobs in the game with a small group - otherwise bring more noobs for protection!
  4. Kantor

    Kantor Black Knight
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    Aug 5, 2016
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    Not a fan of global announcement either. They went down the right path adding pvp zone and then they took a 180 and went down the wrong path again.

    Dragon killing was one of the few things I would do as a clan leader for fun. Loots not worth it for more then 1 person barely 2 for being a boss mobs let alone the risk of getting jump. Now as a clan leader I have nothing fun to do. Kill x amount of mob for trash quest loot isn’t something a lot of new players find fun.
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  5. Slowhand

    Slowhand Goblin Scout

    Feb 23, 2019
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    Buff Selentine keys as well, got zounds in my bank, not worth the time bothering with them.
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  6. quietnoobz

    quietnoobz Chosen of Khamset

    Apr 9, 2016
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    i gotta agree on this one with Jar and my fellow darkfall PLAYERS.

    one thing UW had right was city levies, where you had incentive to hit enemy cities not just for mines or asset dmg, but to acquire built-up loot from their levies, or acquire special relic buffs from their church. Incentive to hit enemy holdings instead of cheap dragon demon hopping, would be better.
  7. Yomi Scythetalon

    Yomi Scythetalon Oak Lord
    Wealthy Streamer Contributor Legend

    Mar 25, 2016
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    You guys still wasting time making meaningful suggestions?
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