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Rework safe zones

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Stik, 21 December 2019.

  1. Stik

    Stik Goblin Warrior

    29 November 2018
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    Hey, you guys released this whole safe zone thing and it’s really looking like it was rushed out and the zones weren’t properly made with the correct amount of effort put in. The fact that player cities fall under ‘partial loot’ is ass, and really takes a lot out of the game. I completely understand the intent of providing content for the care bears or whatever, and that’s fine. But either all mainland player cities need to turn everyone rogue / there needs to be a red zone over every player city, or something needs reworked. At this point, there’s really no reason for clans to exist off the mainland if they don’t want to lose shit. There’s no risk v reward bonus, since you can ( as always ) just port to a island for farming, meanwhile you never HAVE to risk your gear on the mainland. Why any theyril mines should exist on a no loot ‘noobie continent’ is beyond me.
    It just seems you guys half assed actually making the zones, instead of actually putting the work in to logically and properly construct them.

    It’s truly bad for the game if every major clan just moves to no loot cities to live there and have no loot fights outside of sieges. Why risk, when you can just not?
  2. Ikaika Koa

    Ikaika Koa Skeleton Archer
    Wealthy Contributor Legend

    1 February 2016
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    I said this exact thing, when zones were first announced. You can't have player cities in no loot zones, or that's the only place players are going to live. There's no reason to live anywhere else, if you can go afk with dragon on, with no fear of losing it.

    IMO no cities should be in a partial loot zone, much less no loot.
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  3. magnum orkus

    magnum orkus Goblin Warlord

    20 March 2017
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    other than a radius around the starter areas, there should be NO SAFE ZONES!
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  4. Sero

    Sero Menhir Sentinal
    Loyal Legend

    8 April 2016
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    This is how Legion lived in Calfardar for over a year. Runebook to mob spawn, recall back to safe zone. Runebooks top kek [​IMG].
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  5. Scrapnotcrap

    Scrapnotcrap Eodrin
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    27 August 2015
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    They have taken away even more reason to pk.

    You see a player in dragon, but you wearing robes to shoot bolts. so the robe user most-likely got more to risk everywhere on the mainland

    And what's up with the VCP's? The rules don't change around them? Who would of thought they actually were going to forget about things like that?
  6. Ryco Stormeye

    Ryco Stormeye Undead Dwarf

    20 December 2016
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    They just updated the rules on Village in the last patch (28th dec)