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Safe Zones & Dedicated PVP Areas

Discussion in 'Game Design Discussion' started by Kanak, Aug 10, 2018.


Do you think this will increase the population?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Kanak

    Kanak Goblin Warlord

    Nov 7, 2015
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    I made this suggestion months ago in Discord, but I feel like a forum post could be beneficial.

    A game like Darkfall needs sheep and wolves. In the previous iterations and the current ones, no company has yet to fully grasp this. Yes, Darkfall is a "hardcore" FFA full loot PVP game, but without catering to the sheep, you end up with the same subset of PVP-focused players, which doesn't account for enough in regards to population.

    In order to remedy this, pretty drastic changes must be made in regards to safe/no loot areas.


    This provided representation of my amazing Photoshop skills is what I am suggesting. The red areas are full-loot PVP, and the blue areas are FFA no loot zones. (Of course, the npc cities would still function as they do now.)

    This means you cannot escape PVP, outside of npc city protections. But, if you are uncomfortable with the FFA loot aspect of PVP, you can steer clear of those areas at a penalty of not being able to farm the higher tier mobs.

    Durability loss in no loot zones will still be detrimental to the "sheep", and keep them farming.

    Monster Migrations/Relocations

    In order for this change to not break the game, mob relocation will need to be done. I suggest moving all Q4 and Q5 quality spawns to the middle map and sub-continents, and leaving only Q1-Q3 on the mainland.

    Champions in the safe areas can be left as-is, while the ones in the PVP areas can have their rewards boosted in order to entice clans to leave the safe zones.

    Player Cities/Hamlets

    With the extension of the no loot zone, cities and hamlets will continue to use the existing "rogue" mechanic.

    When a city or hamlet is sieged, the area around it will temporarily become a full loot PVP zone, until the siege is over.


    All of this requires time to implement, and I don't know that it can be done in a timeframe that is realistic, but I believe that it is necessary if we want this game to grow past the current playerbase.

    I also realize that there may be other issues presented when implementing such a change, but the details could be ironed out in discussions. There is always a way.
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  2. Squanto

    Squanto Black Knight

    Mar 4, 2016
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    You want to make 65% of the map safezone? I think if this were to happen, needs to be less than that, and all of the holdings inside of that area need to be removed/disabled and replaced with events/something else.

    I'd be fine with it, but there needs to be a ~5 minute timer added to your character before pvp is disabled whenever you enter the safezone area, and if you take damage it re-sets that timer. Recalling in wouldn't trip this timer, only if you entered the area from the outside. Would need to be a long timer like this because during chases sometimes there are long points at which you don't take damage, and I wouldn't want it to be a possibility to use this to get away from people.

    Also, before something like this is added, we need all of the current issues with the game (bugs/old broken features/ect) all fixed before something like this is worked on... but I agree we need something like this if the game is to ever go F2P/retain population.
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  3. Dixie Normus

    Dixie Normus Black Knight

    Sep 14, 2015
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    Yes it would be such a shame if someone got away.

    Someone who doesn’t have your bhop skills that is, because you can always get away if you want.

    But anyone else, that would be a shame.
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