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Skinning bug

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ron Mexico, May 17, 2017.

  1. Ron Mexico

    Ron Mexico Fire Elemental

    Apr 11, 2016
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    I am not sure if someone has posted it yet, but there is a skinning knife bug, and as far as I know it is a relatively new bug as I have only seen it happen in the past few days.

    What happens is you open a corpse to loot and your character model appears to pull out a skinning knife, but you can't enter combat mode and can't skin. If you open the paperdoll you see that you do not actually have a skinner equipped, but your character model shows one in your hand. To fix it you have to manually equip a skinner every time or relog. Occasionally dropping the skinner on the ground and picking it back up has fixed it as well. I have never seen this bug before but it has started happening to me and a few others in the last couple days.

    Also, completely unrelated to the skinning bug, but you guys really need to try to fix some of the long standing bugs that plague this game. I am talking about bag bug seemingly worse than ever now where you lose all your bag contents when going through a portal and have to drop it and pick it up to get your regs, etc. back. I know what it is, but new players will not and think the server just ate all their gear. It also sucks to get jumped out of a portal and not be able to defend yourself because all items are gone. There is also the GUI bug when going through portals where your entire screen gets stuck with the loading screen picture even when you come out of load screen which requires a game client restart just to fix. These are reaaaallly bad bugs for new players to constantly see...
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  2. Searchh

    Searchh Goblin Scout

    Dec 24, 2016
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    This skinning bug is because of the bag bug. The same thing happens if you try to hit a tree or ore node.

    I agree with the bag bug issue, every time I take a portal or load into a dungeon I am bag bugged. I got used to just always dropping my bag on the ground each time but I imagine a newer player not knowing about this.
  3. Shadanwolf

    Shadanwolf Goblin Warlord

    May 6, 2017
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    I have the skinning bug. I have never seen the skinning animation. it's stopping my magic staff crafting since I cannot get troll blood.
    I have tried dropping skinner..new skinner ...re logging...equipping skinner before attempted use.
    SO FAR nothing fixes. DEVS>>>>>PLEASE HELP !
  4. nuclearping

    nuclearping Crypt Guard

    Feb 2, 2016
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    Make sure you really have a Skinner in your backpack.

    Other than that, I can confirm that the Skinner bug reported by the OP happens in combination with the Bag bug. Happened to me after zoning into a dungeon and killing a mob. After this I tried to skin and nothing happened when clicking, even though the character equipped a Skinning knife. Then I realized I got the "Bag bug". After selecting another weapon, dropping the bag on the ground and picking it up, it worked again.

    Except that, I never had a problem skinning.