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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by franchisee, Mar 27, 2018.

  1. franchisee

    franchisee Wildtribe Mage

    Mar 20, 2018
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    This game has been the same for over a decade. Change the meta and it will give the current population of all df vet's a reason to play to relearn the game. Give players a reason to fight each other and they will fight each other rather than harassing pve players. Give player's a reason to pve and they will go pve.

    Melee reach should still be shortened, whirlwind should be removed & the width should be reduced slightly.
    Fix knock back...

    lower back hit dmg by 15%

    RANK 50S
    Water 50 direct hit - pushes them forward as if sliding, for 2 steps. If the player tries to turn side ways to dodge a spell from you, it would further their distance away from you by pushing them forward in the direction they were facing but also speed up their movement for those steps not making it too easy for you to get a free second hit.
    Earth 50 direct hit- landing this causes every earth spell after to have 2 ticks of 2 damage per tick increasing earth spell damage by 4 points per. ( could add a cleanse spell to remove this, )
    Air 50 direct hit - landing this come hithers the player towards you 2 small steps.
    Fire 50 direct hit - Half the knock up duration.

    RANK 90S
    Water 90 direct hit -causes a very small circumference of ice under the player slowing their movement speed by 30% as long as they are on it (last 1.5 seconds)
    Earth 90 direct hit - causes the pungent mist blind.
    Air 90 direct hit - causes a lightning bolt to go through up to 3 enemies within a variable distance of the player who was hit directly.
    Fire 90 direct hit - causes a splash of molten rock that falls on surrounding enemies and allies that tickets (x ticks) for 50% of damage. (remove knock up)

    Pmist direct hit - disrupt's the enemies cast by knocking their cast time back 20% of the current spell being casted. (remove blind)

    Half both the casting time and duration of WOF. Make the game register WOF as a debuff and only allow a stack of 2 or maybe even just 1 on player's so player's are not stuck in a wof for 10 seconds.

    These kind of changes will allow player's to use decision making on reading enemy cast's and give variation to the game. Enemies coming too close together, disrupting a rank 90 cast to increase your dps output and slowing theirs, changing a blind to a longer cast time rather than insta cast like pmist ray.

    Make Factions

    Add silver that is dropped when killing an enemy faction member. The more an opponent is worth the more silver they drop.

    Add a ranking system to faction's for bragging rights.

    Player's who are in factions want to pvp not pve. Allow special faction gear to be bought from faction vendors Make these items have 30 dura and lose 50% of current durability anytime the player is killed(killed not ganked).

    Make territory control the access to faction vendors. If a faction does not have a territory they cannot buy these items.

    Player's who are worth point's have a diminishing return on the worth of their faction point's based on how many faction pieces they are wearing.

    ex. Let's say Arrow has the highest point's. A faction gear set cost 50k silver, Arrow is worth 20k silver as maximum. If he wear's a full set of faction gear that cost 50k killing him will give the winner 20k silver but also destroy 50% of the durability the armor arrow is wearing. If arrow is naked he is worth 0 silver. This will stop players from farming their own character's.

    Faction member's who wear faction gear cannot enter siege territory.

    Faction gear can add small attributes like some of the food's you've implemented recently.


    Lower the durability on all gear when created significantly, and increase drop rate. This will allow player's efficiently farm for good items they can use but give them a short life span so player's are forced to continuously go out and farm to stock themselves.

    Player's do not want to farm 4 hours for 2 gear bags.

    But a player would farm 1 hour for 3-4. Doing this would have the majority of the population going out to farm atleast 1 hour a day to gear themselves for the remainder of the day.

    When we are at end game and player's character's are finished maybe 20% of the population would farm on a daily basis for gear because it was so tedious. If you were to make it easier for every player to obtain gear through minimal game time we would likely see over 50% of the population pve on a daily basis.

    Ppl want high dura so they can duel for hours without running out of gear. Ppl duel because they don't wanna lose the small amount of gear they have while attempting to become better. Allow a player to get multiple decent bags for a small amount of invested time and they will be more likely to go out for pvp because of the easy access to gear.
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  2. Wes Furtive

    Wes Furtive Obsidian Golem

    Oct 25, 2015
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    The dynamic-spawning ore veins is bringing the rare ore prices down like crazy. I like your post :)

    I really like the idea of only 25% back shot bonus instead of 40%.

    Definitely need to break up this stale combat
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  3. franchisee

    franchisee Wildtribe Mage

    Mar 20, 2018
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    Numbers are variables that cannot be consistent. They will always need to be tweaked to find balance.
    --- Post updated ---
    Some good stuff that could be implemented still in here.