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Take a page out of Jagex's Book Add Minigames w/Rewards

Discussion in 'Game Design Discussion' started by OlafBarlah, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. OlafBarlah

    OlafBarlah Goblin Warrior

    Apr 16, 2016
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    This game has crazy potential, but it is missing some key things.

    One of those things is what do to when getting zerged down, bank staring and dueling with the same clan member 100 times is old...

    One of the answers is to look at how Jagex has implemented Minigames, Distractions and Diversions and Quests in Their main title Runescape 3.

    You might be confused or even scoffing at the fact I mention Runescape 3 but lets face facts, it is very successful, its made in the same language and the devs could learn and take inspiration from it.

    What am I talking about exactly? What is a minigame? what rewards?

    When I say Minigames I do not mean dance dance revolution when chopping down a tree.

    I do mean Minigames such as Runescapes classic Minigame: Soul Wars, a Team based PVP game that pits 2 teams of 10-40 players against each-other in PVPVE. The goal is to guard your Titan/God at your main base spawn and ultimately defeat the opposing team's Titan/God at their Main Base Spawn. The titan is very strong and is guarded by smart players. So on the battlefield area there are smaller mobs that can be killed and you can use the shards [that they drop] on the shrine in the middle of the map to weaken the enemies Titan. Once your team thinks the enemies Titan is weak enough your team can fight its way to the enemy main base and attack the enemies Titan. The entire time there is fighting happening and its very interesting to play with different strategies.
    > Notes:
    When you die in Soul Wars you do not lose your gear unless you consumed it ( EG ARROWS/POTS/FOOD ) you simply respawn at your nearest Base/Spawnpoint your team controls. The Minigame Ends after the 20-25 min timer runs out or if the enemies Titan is killed 3 times. At the end you get teleported back to the "Lobby" area of the Minigame and you are awarded Tokens, the winners get more tokens than the losers. These Tokens can be used to purchase a variety of things, from XP to Pots, to Mats, to Unique Armor and Weapon sets, Skins, and Items that you can only get by playing this game and getting tokens. ( I prefer Tokens to be untradable, as well as any Soul Wars Token Only purchased Gear to be untradable as well; And if you get ganked it just turns into gold. You can redeem the Gear from the Lobby for a very discounted amount of Tokens if you lose the gear in PVP. This is up for debate however. )

    Another main staple of Minigames is the DUEL ARENA. A place where you can port to/travel to. It is an area with a bank/bindstone on the outside and an arena on the inside.

    Once in the bank area of the duel arena players can press Alt Use on another player and choose the option "Offer Duel" if the other player accepts the offer a trade-like menu pops open and players may place any items in this menu for a wager even gold and anything else trad-able.

    Whoever wins the duel will have both wagers placed in his inventory or bank. ( Player chooses the setting. )
    Spectators may also wager other spectators on who would win a duel or tournament via another menu.

    There are many more examples which I will put in spoilers but I wanted to get this into the devs heads to think about. The game needs Minigames.
  2. Pimptight

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    Apr 9, 2016
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    rs3 sucks ass but OSRS is hot
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