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Terms of Use

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Ramon Wolfs, Sep 25, 2015.

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  1. Ramon Wolfs

    Ramon Wolfs Akathar

    Aug 26, 2015
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    Terms of Use(includes forum, mIRC and support module guidelines)

    Greetings fellow Darkfall: Rise of Agon members. Below you will find a list of rules and guidelines which will uphold the positive spirit on our forums, Discord and support module. This will also ensure that discussions and contact with fellow members as well as our support staff will go in a civil manner.

    With the usage of our systems and forum owned by Big Picture Games, you will be in agreement with our usage terms. Big Picture Games will not be liable or responsible for any harm or damage to your system caused by community assets. Access is at your own risk.

    These rules and guidelines will be a basic outline of what we expect from you when using our community tools. Our moderators and support staff will address any situation with full discretion if they feel that it’s not in line with our terms. Your availability to our community tools can be terminated for any reason at any time. You have no right to be told what the reason might have been. Big Picture Games also reserves the right to remove any content at any time for any reason.

    • It is not permitted to use language or provide any type of link to a source that contains images or languages which promote ethnic or racial hatred. This includes racial or ethnic slurs and symbols with the intent to cause hatred.
    • It is prohibited to use language or link to websites which could contain violent or sexual content. This includes any form of pornography.
    • It is prohibited to use language or link to websites that clearly have the intent to violate another community member in a way that is not related to a gaming environment.
    • It is prohibited to communicate the same phrase, picture, slur, idea or statement in an excessive manner(spam). This includes making topics to cause unrest within the community. This also includes replying just to disturb the thread or making posts such as LOL or LMFAO. Please be constructive. Moderators will be at full discretion in these matters.
    • It is prohibited to use language or link to websites that contain content that insult any type of sexual standpoint.
    • It is prohibited to use language or link to websites that clearly have the intent to violate the Big Picture Games Staff in any way.
    • It is prohibited to impersonate any staff member or employee of Big Picture Games.
    • It is prohibited to use language or link to websites that portray any type of religion, groups, countries or regions in a negative manner.
    • It is prohibited to disclose personal information about other community members or staff, such as phone numbers and photo’s, if you do not have the rights to disclose such information.
    • It is prohibited to use language or links to websites that contain illegal substances and illegal activities, with the inclusion of websites that contain malicious content that may cause harm to other community members mediums.
    • The moderation staff has the right to remove any avatar or signature if they deem its inappropriate to our community.
    • It is prohibited to link to, promote or discuss hacks, malicious software, cracks, cheats or keygens. This includes material that is copyrighted and accusations towards other players.
    • The primary forum language is English. No exceptions.
    • These guidelines are not fully inclusive. Our staff upholds the right to terminate access or warn users if they deem their actions are impropriate and not within the spirit of these terms and our company.
    • Big Picture Games holds the right to add or change any rule(s) without prior notice. These terms apply on all our community tools. By using our tools you are in agreement with these terms. Even if you did not read them.
    • The terms of use will be upheld through an infaction system. If the user reaches a high enough infraction amount, it could lead to a permanent ban from our forums. Please uphold these Terms of Use to avoid possible infactions.
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