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The New Village System

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sameog, 8 June 2018.


Would you like to see this system in game?

  1. Yes this sounds fucking amazing

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  2. Yeah that would be pretty cool

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  3. It would be pretty fun i guess

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  4. I don't care either way

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  5. I think this would ruin the game (explain why)

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  6. Doesn't sound fun (give counter idea)

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  7. No (why not)

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  8. (other) Please specify

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  1. Sameog

    Sameog Akathar

    19 March 2016
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    New idea for village system: (aka: Arena System)

    Lawful Villages:

    Make every village on the mainland lawful, instead of going live every 5 hours or whatever it is right now, turn them into arena battlegrounds, make the battlegrounds able to host 1v1's 2v2's 3v3's etc... The players all get teleported to the battleground and the village goes live right when they all spawn in. Have the system the same as it is now, capture the points, but the twist is that everyone respawns when they die after like say 2 minute timer or something (could change the time depending on balance), battle it out to see who wins the village. NOBODY GETS GANKED (at the end players can make their own decision whether to fight each other or not). Only blues are allowed to go to the villages through the billboards because it is lawful. The reward for winning could be the village rewards, you can have the ranking system based on how valuable the loot is, so a vet could per say fight against noobs but he wouldn't get good rewards. Or he could go to the valuable village, or it could determine value based on the players skill levels. You could even have the village give different rewards depending on how often that player wins villages, so say you didn't win a village for a while, your next win could give extra rewards. A player that wins all the time will not get as much of a boost since they always win. Could also have it rank players based on gear. Endless possibilities...

    Staying in the spirit of Darkfall a player could decide to gank players and steal their stuff. Penalty for this is you go red and are not allowed to go to fight in lawful village pvp through system anymore. Could have a time limit or fine/grind to pay to get back into the lawful village pvp (not sure how we want to balance that)

    After the fight is over and everyone has left the battleground, it opens back up for another fight/village cap depending on how often people do this thing. (Which with a good population would be all the time)

    Lawless Villages:

    Make every village on the sub-islands lawless how it is now (could have billboards in chaos cities and player cities). Same rules as above apply, except at the end you can gank (maybe even take away the respawn timer) because it is lawless...
    (Hot topic, maybe let people zerg if they want to or not)
    Not sure what people would prefer, I'd prefer no zerging allowed through the system. But obviously some people might cheat.

    I can probably keep going into more detail if you want but I think you get the idea

    I am sure your new village system is similar, but I thought maybe you needed inspiration because I haven't seen any posts about it.

    A system like this would be incredibly helpful to new players for getting a feel for how fucking fun the pvp in this game is :D

    Please put this on the public test server asap and lets figure this shit out as we go!
    I think a system like this would be a huge hit.

    TLDR: New village system proposed that would act as a new way for players to get in a large amount of fights against a wide variety of opponents in a short period of time thus making the game less of a fucking bore :D
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