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We got new players to join beta. The results.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by moat, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. moat

    moat Undead Dwarf

    Apr 18, 2016
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    I get you forum trolls, hardcore players, and even devs don't want to see drastic changes. Please read with an open mind regarding 3 brand new players.

    First the disorganization of cities. Where is the bank. Where is the woodcutting done. What is that. Where is that.

    Recommendation. Remove the tags from the NPC like black smith. Then put in tag for smelter and armor/weapon crating station. Each station will have its own NPC to talk to. Instead of making the two close or separate make them the same. Like arcanist.

    Fire magic sounds cool how do I get that.

    Recommendation. I get av wanted a prolonged grind you can still have the grind be the same just organize the layout. Every spell is neatly for sale from no grind to end game grind. A new play can see his magic is at 1. He levels it to 5 where greater magic spells are now purchased. He grinds to 20. Now he can get witch craft and spell chanting spells. At 25 all basic for elemental spells.

    I hope you see the simplicity of this approach. Would it need Some work sure and I know its not perfect. But the current system requires a veteran to explain to a newer player. Or a google search.

    Why can't I do this or that as a new player.

    I addressed this before and got flamed only to see it surface anyway. A veteran knows how, where, and what to grind to level quickly. So a new player takes even longer to become viable. The new player fun is lacking. Us telling the guy hold on you need whirlwind. Yes it takes hours of mind less goblin killing.

    Recommendation. Keep end game grind. Make transition from raw character to able to PvP quicker by 10x. Most people work and those people have families that can't be ignored most of the time. Those who have tons of free time love their grind advantage. The gap between the casual and the guy with ironskin on day two is insane.

    New player wants to PvP and doesn't care about his progression or skills.

    Arena. Not a dev. Not sure how to do it but let people fight. You need excitement.

    New players what does the clan do as a clan.

    Recommendation. More clan events and trade runs. More sea towers or land towers. Vcps capped easier than siege hammer. Just make us risk more.

    In summary. The game is still not new player friendly in progression or comparison to vets. In order for this game to make money it needs new players and those players to stay. Thank you for the current patches and hard work.
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  2. Kotic

    Kotic Infernal

    Oct 25, 2015
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    Out of everything this thread holds, I will add onto the grind statement.

    The biggest difference between new players and vets is that the vets know all the good spots to grind early on for xp, gold, and items. If we want to balance things out, the best thing to do would be to change majority of the spawns around at launch so vets cant just run to the gray ork spawn at hintenfau, or the warthanes/gnoll vilegaunts when they get archery up some. Everyone should be on fair ground when it comes to exploring mob spawns.
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  3. PrimalMoat

    PrimalMoat Goblin Scout

    Aug 6, 2016
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    I brought 3 buddies into the game who have never heard of Darkfall but absolutely loved the premise of a full loot skill based pvp game. Not a single one logs in now, and it is not because it is beta.

    New Player Experience, while being a focus is a fracking disaster. City layouts, Maps, Quests or lack thereof are terrible and horrifying. Luckily for them I was able to create an alternate account and create a new character in their race and hold their hand through everything. Early level mob experience shit on these guys, finding quests was confusing, city layouts are terrible but can be improved with a better map feature. In order to be survivable the players had to be front loaded with armor, reagents, food, weapons, and explained the importance of keybindings, stat transfers, sword & board, daggers, bows, magic.. It is a metric shit ton of information to process. I stuck it through in OG Darkfall but many did not and OG Darkfall had a massive influx of players at launch, this game won't. We need to ensure there is a good New Player Experience in place for launch.

    I suggest a survivor island similar to what Unholy Wars tried (but failed). Something that will hold their hand and explain the basics and a little bit of the advance stuff before throwing them into the harshness that is RoA.

    On the veteran rush to be the best, I 100% agree with Kotic.. We need to seriously shake up the world of Darkfall for launch. Move spawns all around leaving only a few where they are (Goblins, Trolls, Fire//Ice Dragons, Devil). While the Darkfall you guys bought is an awesome platform it is after all a failed game keeping a very small amount of people following it and those people know every exploitable mob, valuable mob spawn, best grinding spot etc... It creates a huge unfair advantage at launch.. Let's level the playing field and reorganize the map, I do not know how hard or changing mob spawns is but I do not believe it would be that difficult.

    Maybe it is also time to trim some of the fat, front loaded skills are great, but do we need all of the completely useless spells in the game? a pass over and removal of some spells may be in order.. Smoke Signal anyone?
  4. Mycke

    Mycke Obsidian Golem

    Aug 12, 2016
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    This is one of my big concerns with DF in that the longer the server is live the less viable it becomes to be a new player, Every advantage a developed toon has is a disadvantage a new toon has and is one of the primary issues I am interest in knowing how the dev plan on dealing with. A game with a high spread in power between new and old with a long development time is sure to fail in the long run from attrition.
  5. onslaught

    onslaught Black Knight
    Affluent Loyal Patron

    Aug 27, 2015
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    Pretty solid ideas. The proof is there. The game needs some big time changes and additions if you want the casual player and the hardcore to play the game. The hardcore player should always have a slight advantage over the casual due to them putting the time in, that is fine. However, right now it is just too big of a gap and it is ridiculous too think it is okay for launch -- it's not even close.
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  6. Mikrodator

    Mikrodator Goblin Warrior

    Aug 5, 2016
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    Yeah we need some kind of markers so we can see where everything is the cities.. Even for an experienced darkfall players it hard to find workbenches/banks sometimes.
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  7. MWTaylor

    MWTaylor Black Knight
    Staff Member

    Sep 12, 2015
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    Thank you very much for posting this feedback, and for bringing some of your friends into the game!

    We are actually working on markers for crafting stations, important NPCs and guidance to initial quests and basic tasks. This is an area of utmost importance to us and we will be working on it throughout Closed and Open Beta.

    As for progression, we are looking at the feedback of our initial curves and seeing if modifications need to be made. We believe once players understand the basics of the game and are directed to the initial quests, as well as understand the user interface and general overview of the game, they will be able to get competitive in a reasonable amount of time. If we need to make adjustments to these numbers we certainly will, but that is why we are currently testing them!

    Now in terms of more things for new players to fight over, this is certainly something we agree with and we have plans to add in more things to fight over out in the world.
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