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Welcome to Darkfall (Ultra HD 4k)

Discussion in 'Rise of Agon Videos' started by EleTaylorScoob, May 28, 2020.

  1. EleTaylorScoob

    EleTaylorScoob Gravelord

    Apr 5, 2016
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    I honestly didn't know such a thing existed for gaming but I'd be keen to try it out (the chromatic aberration and film grain effects look appealing). It looks like some people have reported that anti-cheat software detects it as some kind of hack based on how it injects itself so maybe someone at BPG can confirm I won't be accidentally banhammered? @Billy Lee @Neilk

    What things I have tested that do improve the visuals while keeping my performance above 150fps is turning on Dynamic Super Resolution in the Nvidia control panel. That allows me to effectively double my 1440p resolution to 3620x2036. By doubling the pixels ingame you're virtually smoothing the edges/textures even if your monitor is downscaling it to 1440 or 1080p (This guy explains it decently enough).

    Turning on all of the shadows ingame also allows you to use what little post processing effects are already built into the game. I've noticed during sunset/sunrise/nighttime the dynamic lighting actually looks pretty cool.

    Otherwise it's a lot of post production magic. Tweaking contrast/colors in Premiere, motion blur in After effects, etc.

    I'm glad people have enjoyed these videos and if there's enough interest I could definitely put together a tutorial video to help people up their production value.
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  2. SuB ZeRo

    SuB ZeRo Frostjarl
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    Jan 18, 2016
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    You act like the community is full of professional videographers lmao... Be glad you even have videos to watch with the population we have had over the past 2 years.

    Meanwhile your shit looks just like everyone else's -
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  3. Uzik

    Uzik Wildtribe Mage
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    Oct 2, 2015
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    For some reason when I turn shadows on it gets REALLY dark in dungeons at night, and it doesnt seem like the gamma settings help. You notice this too?
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  4. MtH-HrT

    MtH-HrT Goblin Warrior

    Jan 30, 2016
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    In this video there are three beautiful things and one terribly bad.

    The first beautiful thing is that the video makes it clear how much this game is the last playable game. I'm not kidding. It is certainly not perfect, but the feeling you have with your character, the body-to-body interaction during the fight, the animations of the movements, sounds and effects of abilities, everything seems so natural and human, especially if compared with what have to offer all the other mmorpg, a market literally dominated by oriental game engines with bad and unreal animations and character movements….the shit of shit.

    The second beautiful thing are the screams of pain of the two orks at minute 7:30+, poor miserable creatures. Perfection would have been hearing the pain rattle of the other inferior race of the game, the dogs….but I can't ask you to lower yourself to kill useless dogs.

    The third beautiful thing of the video is the graphic quality.
    Personally I always had a modest computer and I always played the previous Darkfall trying to get inspiration from stronger players who put their videos on youtube. Practically graphics at the minimum in favor of the maximum fps….. this video demonstrates how wrong this approach to gaming is, because killing orks with maximum details and ultra settings, with shadows, g-sync or freesync......simply, has no price.

    Now the bad part. I hope to make myself understood since my English written is surely terrible.
    How many times have I read on these forums people say: game dead? countless times, but If players create action the game is alive, and the situations in your video and what you describe are surely action.
    The problem is that, like all the others videos in this section, it’s a type of action tending to the desperation.
    Wandering daily around the main hot spots of the map, desperately searching for any other player to kill, using runes, portals and similar instant devilries, can be considered action and pvp. But I think they are only forced pvp actions. They are surely positive for the game, so people can say....the game is alive, but behind there are no real motivations that push you to play more, to improve your character, your equipment, to enlarge your guild to be stronger and more numerous than your enemy.
    The main cause (unfortunately not the only one) of this lack of motivation is written in this page:


    I don't mean that these implementations are absolute evil. They have the positive side of showing that the developers are prepared and know how to modify the game code. But the BIG negative side is that players who are looking for the first time at this pvp game with sieges, conquests, defenses and full loot, practically cannot understand who his enemy really is once he enters the game. The races no longer have the purpose of existing. Now orks and dogs are born in Sanguine…..MY Capital!!! unacceptable for a superior Human like me.
    Never played, but reading it seems that if I try to kill some ork I can't because they are blue on most of the map, and when I can kill them, I cannot loot them because loot are regulated by the stances and by the color of the area where I am. Ok, there is the red area where everything is allowed, but it's just an all vs all that doesn't make much sense. Everything seems to have become so artificial and standard like any other survival mmo out there. As I said I consider this game the last playable game but the new setting with stances, zones and partial loot literally killed 90% of my interest in the game. And I'm not talking like a wolf or a veteran or a pro-player. I speak as a casual player who loses 9 times every 10 fights.

    In the future I hope that the game will go back to the original Dfo lore, and strengthen it in order to create a Darkfall with a Lord of the Rings background. The basic ingredients are all there. You could start by forcing race membership and get 4 constantly fighting factions each other: Alliance vs Horde vs Alfar vs Reds, where the red factions are all the current RoA and old Dfo vets players who prefer the arac gameplay.

    However apart from all this wall of personal considerations that reflect only my simple way of playing, I have to thank the man of the video. It made me want to play Darkfall again….or at least try to kill some fucking bastard ork or one of his canid slaves. Ty again. Atm best video of the section.
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  5. KoKane

    KoKane Celestial

    Oct 17, 2015
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    Are you always so dramatic?

    As stated in the thread you pulled that from.. That's a 30 minute long raw file dump. If you're interested in going back through posts, you can also find the one where I've thanked people for their submissions, or in posts that I've offered critique, I've also stated that it should be taken with a grain of salt as I'm not a video maker.

    You dont have to overreact because I said "it'd be nice if this was the new standard" hoping he shares the method for it.
    ..which it seems might happen.
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  6. Grimtide

    Grimtide Evil Eye

    Nov 1, 2015
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    looks amazing scoobs
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  7. Billy Lee

    Billy Lee Loremaster
    Staff Member BPG Representative Lifetime

    May 3, 2017
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    I have no idea :p Amazing video though!
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