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"Why didn't you like it?"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fatweirdo, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. Hyld

    Hyld Infernal

    Nov 7, 2015
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    Greetings all,

    I kept up to 3 active subscriptions from start to finish, and while due to work and family I could not be a hardcore gamer, I did mostly enjoy the game, but obviously there where things that were upsetting and put off many people:

    1) 24/7 short notice and ninja besieging. Not even mentioning the first months when you could siege in just few hours, but even with the 24 hours notice (and going live even in the early morning) , it makes no sense from a game immersion point of view (real sieges would require months; ok not that I want it so slow), but most importantly it wears you down, makes your personal life (and people around you) troublesome; I remember taking time off work, cancelling a RL appointment or rushing my family home because suddenly "there is a siege" (sometimes at an odd hour). Or maybe you do not log on an afternoon, unknown to you a siege is declared, you then log on and people tell you "we lost the city" or...""siege is about to begin"...or clan x besieging you at 4 am....this is a no no for most normal people; even the ones that are prepared to play 24/7, sooner or later will drop out or end up in a game addiction facility in Korea.
    A siege daily window for declaring and for the live part set by owning clan is the best way to go IMO, and possibly 48 hours notice, and why not setting the 5 days that it can go live.

    2) Bunnyhopping; I know that it is great for pvp, but it must be brought to an acceptable level, otherwise it encourages naked/robed people jumping on you with nothing to lose, running away faster than mounts.Curb it, slow it or increase its cool-down, increase the cost of reagents for it, the cost of the staff required to cast it.

    3) Grind must be reasonable, not months; on the other hand with "skill decay" you sort of spread the benefit or seeing active players at mob spans on the whole lifespan of your game life.